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Title: Dissident Science - no Big Bang, but an Eternal Universe
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Published: Sep 9, 2022
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Post Date: 2022-09-09 00:27:27 by Horse
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Some peoople think that Political Correctness occurs only in the Social Sciences and in Environmentalism. Wrong! It occurs in the hard sciences too, eg Physics.

Physicists interested in Space specialize in either the mathematical side (becoming Astrophysicists) or the observational side (becoming Astronomers).

Astronomer Halton C. Arp was the new Galileo who disproved the "Redshift equals distance" assumption which is the key to the Big Bang theory.

Arp was Edwin Hubble's assistant. Working at the Mt. Palomar and Mt. Wilson observatories in the US, he discovered that many pairs of quasars (quasi-stellar objects) which have extremely high redshift z values (and are therefore thought to be receding from us very rapidly - and thus located at a great distance from us) are physically associated with galaxies that have low redshift and are known to be relatively close by.

Because of Arp's photos, the assumption that high red shift objects have to be very far away - on which the "Big Bang" theory and all of "accepted cosmology" is based - is proven to be wrong! The Big Bang theory is therefore falsified.

Arp was systematically denied publication of his results and refused telescope time in the US. He moved to the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

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