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Title: Bidenís Department of Justice and FBI are on a roll
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Published: Sep 10, 2022
Author: Andrea Widburg
Post Date: 2022-09-10 09:13:47 by Ada
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Across America, an epidemic of violent crime is shattering Americans’ security. Much of it has a racial slant, as Whites and Asians are deliberately targeted based on their race. In addition, drug cartels, sex traffickers, and terrorists are routinely crossing our now-open southern border. These all might be appropriate matters for the Department of Justice and its police arm, the FBI, to address. Sadly, both agencies seem more concerned with targeting the Democrat party’s political enemies. In fact, the raid on Mar-a-Lago was just the beginning.

We got a sense of the DOJ’s political slant when the FBI, rather than asking Roger Stone to report for arrest, staged a pre-dawn raid on his house after first notifying CNN. This happened in 2019, on Trump’s watch, but it sure indicated an animus towards conservatives, especially Trump conservatives. By July 2021, CNN was boasting about the number of Trump associates (eleven) the DOJ had gone after. You can judge from the Michael Flynn witch hunt just how “honest” and “just” these attacks were. This past June, Peter Navarro was arrested and placed in leg irons for daring to do the same thing that Eric Holder successfully did: refusing to testify before Congress.

And of course, there’s the DOJ’s fanatic determination to send to jail every granny who dared walk through the halls of Congress on January 6 without a permission slip. Democrats are allowed to do that kind of thing; Republicans are not. And we shouldn’t ever forget the J6 prisoners held without charges or bail under terrible conditions in the D.C. gulag.

Image by Andrea Widburg

Still, despite all the blatantly partisan government police attacks in which the FBI was engaging, the raid on Mar-a-Lago marked an escalation in the war against Trump and his supporters. Never in American history has a presidential administration used the DOJ and FBI as his private police force to handicap a potential political opponent. There was a distinct whiff of the KGB about this one.

It turns out, though, that the escalation was just a warm-up. It turns out that the FBI managed to obtain 50 subpoenas and orchestrate as many as 35 raids across America last night, all against people who openly support Trump and his goal of Making America Great Again.

I initially was going to hold off on reporting this because Steve Bannon was the only person talking about these raids, and I wanted more corroboration. That corroboration came when Tucker Carlson spoke with Harmeet Dhillon. She not only corroborated the report, but she also established (to my satisfaction, as a lawyer) that the subpoenas were overly broad and, worse, explicitly sought constitutionally protected information:

Here’s the transcript of Dhillon’s statement about the subpoenas (hat tip: The Gateway Pundit):

The subpoenas are intentionally broad. They’re from the “Capitol Siege Section” of the United States Department of Justice DC Office. And they ask for broad categories of documents. They ask for all communications dated from a month before the election until two months after the election. And they ask for all communications regarding dozens of people. And the categories are alternate electors, fundraising around irregularities around the election, and also a rally that happened before the January 6 situation at the Capitol. The Save America Rally that happened. Basically, all of this activity if not all of it is protected by the First Amendment. And the United States Department of Justice is telling reporters about the search warrants and subpoenas before they’re executed… This is really outrageous abuse by the DOJ.

King George III’s agents used to use general warrants (i.e., broad, even open-ended search warrants), and that was one of the liberty-destroying wrongs against which the colonists rebelled. The Fourth Amendment specifically prohibits that kind of search warrant abuse. That’s not stopping the DOJ and FBI, though, both of which are conducting the kind of political purge we associate with totalitarian dictatorships and tin-pot tyrannies.

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