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Title: Golden Age Air Museum The Fokker Scourge
Source: Vintage Aviation News
URL Source: ... museum-the-fokker-scourge.html
Published: Sep 22, 2022
Author: Editor
Post Date: 2022-09-23 16:46:13 by X-15
Keywords: aviation, WW1
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The Golden Age Air Museum held their annual, vintage style air show during the Labor Day Weekend. The museum’s home, a small grass strip complete with old-time hangars and outbuildings in picturesque countryside near Bethel, Pennsylvania, is a throw back to a different era, and a major part of the experience. This year’s air show theme was dubbed The Fokker Scourge! and featured four replica Fokker Dr.I Triplanes, fighter planes which were feared by all who faced them in battle during WWI.

The Four Fokker Triplane replicas in attendance included John Elliott’s example, sporting the red livery made famous by Baron Manfred Richthofen (aka The Red Baron), the Golden Age Air Museum’s own example wearing a livery commemorating the Dr.I which Lothar Von Richthofen (Manfred’s brother) flew, Fred Murrin’s Dr.I wearing Werner Voss’s colors, and of course, Chris Hill’s N23917 with its striking black and white markings. While these aircraft are replicas, each of them, barring Elliott’s, was powered by a WWI-vintage rotary engine – a remarkable occurrence given how rare these century-old engines are today.

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Some beautiful pics of the old aeroplanes at the link, enjoy!!

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