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Title: Disgusting Faggot Lindsey Graham Attacks and Threatens Elon Musk, Defends Hardcore Satanic Child Sex Agenda
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Published: Oct 6, 2022
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2022-10-06 10:11:52 by Ada
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Senator Lindsey Graham has lashed out against Elon Musk, threatening him and defending forcible gay child sex in the Ukraine.

I hate Lindsey Graham more than I hate all of the Jews, combined. Without people like Graham selling the Jewish agenda to conservative white people, the Jewish agenda would be irrelevant.

Graham supports every war there is, because he is a servant of the Jews. He’s clearly not just a faggot but a really sick kind of pederast, and I’m sure he willingly turned over video tape of himself engaging in these kinds of unnatural acts in order to gain the serious favor of the Jews.

He appears to have a very special love for the war in the Ukraine, since this war ultimately comes down to the US forcing gay sex, including gay child sex and child trannies, onto the people of Russia.

This is not some exaggeration. In the Donbass, which is the core of this conflict, Russian soldiers have uncovered schools teaching interracial tranny sex to preschoolers.

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