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Title: The Ever Widening War Grows Wider
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Published: Oct 26, 2022
Author: Paul Craig Roberts
Post Date: 2022-10-26 07:35:30 by Ada
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Now the Kremlin is faced with the threat of a false flag “dirty bomb” that would serve, as “Assad’s use of chemical weapons was intended,” as an excuse for US military intervention in Ukraine.

The Kremlin is also faced with the threat that Ukraine with Western aid will destroy the dam across the Dnieper River, flood Kherson and sweep away Russian artillery positions and pontoon bridges, leaving highly trained special force troops isolated and subject to capture. The capture of Russian special forces would be a major propaganda victory for Ukraine.

The Kremlin could not have made a more stupid mistake than going to war with insufficient troops in a half-hearted manner that gave Washington every opportunity to expand the war, subject the Kremlin to an extended period of damaging propaganda, and portray the Russian military as ineffective. The image of the Russian military and its leadership that the Kremlin’s blunder has created is the last thing Russia needed. Russia needed a show of force that would quickly end the conflict before the West could react, a show of force that would intimidate Europe from further participation in Washington’s aggression against Russia. Instead, hesitancy, indecision, undefended red lines, and half-way measures opened the gates to the road to Armageddon. As the provocations of Russia intensify from the attack on the Crimea bridge to the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines to the deployment of the 101st US Airborne Division in Romania, to the practice of a nuclear attack on Russia on Russia’s border, and now to the threat of a false flag dirty bomb loaded with radioactive material and the destruction of the Russian city of Kherson by flooding, before long Putin will be faced with a crossed red line that he cannot ignore. Apparently, no one has told Putin that when you ignore the first crossed red line, your opponents don’t believe your subsequent announced red lines.

The Kremlin continues to protect the Ukrainian puppet government from attack and the capital Kiev and cities of Western Ukraine from attack, and has left intact the Ukrainian infrastructure that permits the US to continue and expand the proxy war using Ukrainian troops. The Kremlin’s stupidity is unrivaled in the annuals of warfare.

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

The Kremlin’s stupidity is unrivaled in the annuals of warfare.

That is clearly a gross exaggeration and shows some emotional element in the write up. Mistakes are always made in war, including by not waging enough of it, which I consider the author correct on in this case. The Japanese attack on PH was certainly far, far stupider a mistake by any and every measure whatsoever, and there are doubtless a great many more such examples throughout history.

This was billed in Russia as "a military operation" and that could be for domestic legal reasons as well. While in the US, "war" has a nebulous meaning as the president is usually authorized to go to war on his own whims, I suspect the Russian government still has a legal distinction with the term that dissuaded Putin from declaring war against Ukraine. It probably would have mandated a mass call up of troops and mobilization that may have easily had undesirable economic consequences. Call it a miscalculation on Putin's part, and that's easy in hindsight, but "stupidity"? No.

The insanity I see is the US MSM considering a dirty bomb attack to be in Russia's interests as an excuse for escalation when Russia is completely correct that Ukraine is the only state that would benefit from it. Russia dosen't NEED any excuse to escalate, while for Ukraine, they are in a perpetual state of escalating at every opportunity, being far outclassed in the field. Promoting it as something only Russia would do can only further encourage the Ukraine gov to do it.

Pinguinite  posted on  2022-10-26   15:49:49 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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