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Title: The End Of An Era. 150 Year Old Butchers Shop & Abbatoir Closes. A Final Tour Of The Premises. #SRP
Source: Scott Rea
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Published: Nov 10, 2022
Author: Scott Rea
Post Date: 2022-11-10 19:44:19 by Esso
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After 150 years of faithfully serving many generations of the village and beyond, this amazing Butchers shop and adjoining Abbatoir is finally closing its doors. I was treated to a very impromptu tour of this time machine, complete with all its original kit, fixtures and fittings before its consigned to the history books and lost forever. Its was heartbreaking to know it was going to eventually be pulled down but I was glad I got to have a look around and film the premises as it stood, all original, for the last time. Its a day I will never forget, the kind of place i dreamed about as a young butcher coming up which now, sadly, will slowly fade with time.

Graphic to the Nth degree

Slaughterhouse - The Task of Blood [graphic]

Poster Comment:

Scott is a big man, probably the most kind and compassionate man I've ever met.

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