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Title: All Bets Are Off
Source: Pushing Rubber Downhill
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Published: Nov 17, 2022
Author: Adam Piggott
Post Date: 2022-11-17 19:32:52 by X-15
Keywords: holocaust, Revelations, global genocide
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So after the latest election farce across the pond it is clear that the United States is dead and all that is left are various factions fighting over its corpse. I have watched with some degree of wonder how the same people who were convinced that the 2020 election was stolen then somehow thought that two years later it was going to be any different. The analogy of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown springs to mind.

Perhaps for the 2024 presidential election the world should send in election monitors, you know, like the US itself so arrogantly did for several decades to the rest of the world that was outside the “international community”. While sending in scrutineers from places like Nigeria and Uganda would be amusing, I think that the best countries would be those who haven’t been infected with democracy themselves. So perhaps, Saudi Arabia or even North Korea. That would be a turnout for the books.

The danger of the US going the way of the dodo is how it will drag down those countries intertwined with it. Australia is a fine example of this as we’ve been sucking the US’s cock for over eighty years. Australia is so knee deep with the US that if our big brother invaded the United Kingdom then the Aussies would obediently trot along behind them.

Then there is Europe, or what is left of it. Some European countries, such as Germany or Italy, didn’t have a say in the matter of becoming proxy US satellites seeing as they chose the wrong side in the previous great unpleasantness. The United Kingdom fell into the trap seeing as the US bankrolled their country from mid-1940 until the end of the shooting; Britain only finished paying off that scorecard around ten years ago. After the second battle of El Alemain, which Britain only just managed to not lose, the US landed in North Africa with Operation Torch and from that point on it was Eisenhower and Marshall who were calling the shots. If you invite in the Great Satan then he gets to take charge. Fittingly it was in Egypt again in 1956 that the lid finally came off the illusion and Great Britain was finished as an international power.

But countries such as France simply sold themselves out. It’s no use so rudely insisting on still speaking your own language in your own country when your entire “elite class” has taken the money and baubles and run. Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and it’s becoming obvious that those countries who were behind the Iron Curtain were the ones who had the better time of it in the long term. Except for the Poles of course, but then they’re just so monumentally stupid that they should only be used as an example to others of what not to do in any given situation.

These countries, and others such as Japan, are bound to the US, only now it’s beginning to look like the US is the Titanic and these other countries are wooden lifeboats tied onto the stern. But the question is not one of, ‘when will each of them wake up and cut the rope?’ Rather, what will happen to them if and when the rope is cut? Because those in charge of these nations are puppets for the US; so there will be an awful lot of power vacuums. What will China think of Japan being cut loose, or Australia with all of its resources for that matter? If anything, powers like China are positioning their own power bases in certain countries as we speak, in readiness for the moment when all bets are off.

And the US itself? I am of the opinion that after it splinters into a hundred odd different geographical, political and racial pieces, that it will soon begin to resemble the European continent during the 17th and 18th centuries. A lot of scrambling for position and power, a great deal of dastardly intrigue, and a whole bunch of nasty little and not so little conflicts. Throw in the associated goodies like famine and plague and things will get really spicy. So much for the end of history.

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#1. To: X-15 (#0) (Edited)

Idk, Florida proved a good point of what can happen when election integrity or seen as a priority.

Or coulda been fake fluff to blow hot air up deaantis skirt but that's a lot of counties to all but three... That's a lot.


Suspect all media / resist bad propaganda/Learn NLP everyday everyway ;) If you don't control your mind someone else will.

titorite  posted on  2022-11-18   2:02:02 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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