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Title: Victims of a 38-year old Child Protective Services Wrongful Prosecution Pardoned 
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Published: Nov 24, 2022
Author: Paul Craig Roberts
Post Date: 2022-11-24 08:17:56 by Ada
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38 years ago Gerald Amirault, his sister Cheryl, and their mother Violet were framed up by totally corrupt prosecutors and by a totally corrupt media. It was all driven by the Child Protection Services Act passed by Congress in 1980. 

Emotional “child advocates” claimed that it was routine for parents to abuse their children, sexually and by beatings to discipline them. Once the act was passed and CPS offices with authority to seize children from parents were set up all over the US, the bureaucracy needed child abusers in order to justify its existence. As few abusers materialized, the bureaucracy was desperate for cases and turned the most absurd statement from the youngest child and the bruise from childhood play into proof of abuse.

The Amirault’s child care center for working mothers was an early victim. The brother and sister spent most of their life in prison and under a cloud as sex offenders, and their mother died in prison or shortly after her release.

I investigated and covered the case extensively. The real evidence was ignored by prosecutors determined to benefit their careers by being the first to achieve convictions under the new law. One example of how the cases were concocted is the use of interrogation techniques designed to produce agreement from children that they had been abused. Videotapes of interviews with the allegedly abused children showed the children denying any abuse. Instead of accepting the denial, the prosecutors would manipulate the children into believing they had been abused.

I don’t remember if it was the Amirault case, but I do remember in one case I investigated and reported on, children’s claims that they were taken away in flying saucers and had knives inserted in their vaginas was actually used as evidence. It was admitted to be an excessive claim, but the prosecutors presented it as evidence that something had happened. “Where there is smoke, there is fire.” Juries were worked up into an emotional state that eschewed reason by media sensationalism.

Just the other day 38 years after their wrongful conviction Republican Governor of Massachusettes Charlie Baker pardoned the brother and sister of their false convictions.

So, in America Justice only took 38 years after the lives of the Amiraults were ruined by corrupt prosecutors, corrupt media, and stupid jurors.

And it wasn’t just the Amiraults. I investigated, covered, and helped to expose a number of other fake child abuse cases. Fact, evidence, and common sense played no role in the prosecutions. It was driven entirely by emotion to prove that parents were abusers just like the liberals claimed.

There was one case where my reporting did have success–the Wenatchee, Washington, child abuse witch hunt. My articles dealt with facts, not liberal emotions. My articles, together with articles in the Wall Street Journal and in the Readers Digest, a widely read magazine at the time, resulted in the wrongful convictions being overturned. The parents who were imprisoned were released, but they were tricked by the corrupt prosecutors into signing forms that prevented them from getting their children back from “Child Protective Services.” My reporting brought me brickbats from the Wenatchee media which was committed to convicting the innocent parents. The liberals who control journalism prizes didn’t give me one for exposing the hoax.

Not long after the exposure of the Wenatchee witch hunt, the fervor of prosecutors and media to round up innocent parents for incarceration diminished. CPS still exists and still, I suppose, receives a federal subsidy for every child it seizes from parents, but the frame up of innocent parents in front page stories no longer serves as part of the liberal agenda to break up families and demonize parents. Now parents are demonized for objecting to their kids being taught in taxpayer funder public schools that they and their parents are racists.

The attack on the parent-child relationship continues.

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

Good article. Thanks for posting this, Ada.

David Cloud, a fundamental baptist preacher whose newsletter I used to read years ago, also exposed the government's diabolical "Witch hunt in Wenatchee". Those prosecutors were devil bastards from Hell.

StraitGate  posted on  2022-11-24   21:16:50 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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