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Title: The Truth is Not Important to Conservative Leaders They are Anti-Christ
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Published: Dec 24, 2022
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2022-12-24 07:58:43 by Ada
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It was very obvious that all these sleazebag conservatives were going to fink on Donald Trump the first chance they got.

Sean Hannity is no better than Mitch McConnell or Marco Rubio. He’s going to tell you that the most important thing in the world is removing Vladimir Putin from office and installing an extremist anal government in Russia.

If you tell Hannity there’s a fisting going down on a child tranny, he’s the type to say “America is the single greatest country on earth and the light unto the nations, so I trust that is going to be a double fisting.”

After the innocent boy only gets a single fist, he will then say: “the Democrats have done it again, bringing shame down on our nation as a brave trans girl was only able to receive one fist. In this socialist economy of Joe Biden and the tax-and-spend Democrats, mothers can’t even afford for their trans daughters to get a double fisting. Tell me again who the transphobes are, Democrats?”

I’m serious. In the next few months, you’re going to hear those exact sentences from this guy.

He’s already doing this:

Seriously – what the hell do “conservatives” think when they see this guy doing a serious interview with a boomer in high heels? Why do they think they’re not going to get wiped out like Sodom and Gomorrah?

This week, it was revealed that Hannity, giving testimony for a lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Machines, said that he “never once” believed that the 2020 election was a hoax.

This is moronic, as everyone knows the election was a complete farce. I actually don’t think that Dominion was responsible for the fraud, as it was all done through mail-in ballots (maybe some of the Dominion machines were hacked, but that would be a trivial element of the election theft). There is just no possible way to claim that this election could have been real after looking into the way ballot- harvesting works – not to mention the absurdity at 40,000 feet, where we’re supposed to believe Biden got 81 million votes.

If you say you believe this you are either really stupid or you’re a liar – Hannity is both. It was very, very stupid for Donald Trump to endorse all of these slimebag conservatives, who are all first and foremost shills for the Jews. Trump could have destroyed Hannity outright by refusing to engage with him – he could have found a real loyalist talk show host to do business with. Instead, he made Hannity more powerful so that Hannity could betray him even harder.

These conservatives all want to go back to business as usual – starting and losing wars for the Jews, copying the Democrat program from 5 years ago and attacking the Democrats for moving too fast with their global anal agenda. When Mitch McConnell says “we all agree” that the Ukraine is the most important thing on earth, he is speaking for all of the conservative politicians and media personalities.

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