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Title: Hark, The Angels Sing A Child is Born in Bethlehem!
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Published: Dec 26, 2022
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2022-12-26 12:34:07 by Ada
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December 25, 2022

Hi, everyone.

Merry Christmas.

This is our tenth Christmas here at the Daily Stormer.

What a wacky ride.

I hope everyone got a chance to go to church this morning, and I hope everyone is spending time with their family.

The reason for the season is Jesus, but the way we experience Jesus is through each other.

Jesus has looked kindly upon us this year, and I suspect there is much more such kindness to come next year.

The most important thing to remember is this: God is going to help us equivalent to the faith we have.

Faith has been increasing a lot lately. We see it all around us. Everyone is at least trying to get closer to God, and that is why we are seeing these positive things begin to happen.

The spiritual world precedes the material world and everything that happens in the material world only does so as a result of what is happening in the spiritual world. If you are able to grasp that concept, your personal life will become always meaningful and never hopeless. If a lot of us grasp that concept, the entire world will shift.

There is a reason that destroying Christianity was the most important agenda of the Jews, and it is not about some abstraction. The Jews, being in very close communication with Satan, know that if we ride with the Holy Spirit, they cannot win.

It really comes down to that. I believe this to be true with my entire being. The only solution to this hell on earth the Jews have brought down on us is Jesus Christ.

Prayer is important, doing the right thing is important, and the most important thing is to trust God first, and to make decisions based only on the fear of God. Not on the fear of death, prison, or any other thing the Jews could bring down on you.

It is only your own decisions that can send you to Hell. The Jews can’t do that to you.

Fear not the one who can kill the body, but fear Him who can kill both the body and soul in Hell.

For now: eat, drink, and be merry.

There is much to be thankful for, much joy to be had as we celebrate a very good year and look forward to an even better one.

As for me: I am seriously going to try to write better stuff next year. I’ve had a lot going on this year, particularly in the last few months, and I’m aware the site has been lacking. I am going to do more. Yesterday was a pretty good day on the Stormer. In 2023, I want most days to be at least that good.

Everyone should be thinking about how they can be good and how they can be creative in the coming year. Aside from family and friendship, the most meaningful thing in life is in working and creating.

Maybe you should consider taking up cooking? This is a lot better for your health than going to the gym, frankly, and it also brings more personal joy. (I have a segment about the masculine joy of cooking on the next episode of Wang Town, which should be coming before the new year.)

I will see you all tomorrow.

God bless.

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