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Title: JFK In His Own Words
Source: bitchute
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Published: Jan 5, 2023
Author: Lee Harvey Oswald (NOT)
Post Date: 2023-01-05 12:37:45 by noone2222
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While Elon Musk reports that he bought a crime scene infiltrated by nearly every intelligence agency in the United States to stifle free speech relative to Trump and the Planned Demic, among other things, we now know that the CIA (filled with NAZIS after WWII) murdered our President in 1963. The United States has been run by these cockroaches ever since and they never quit murdering people and it's likely they're in the process of murdering many of us today.

Anyone that has God in their heart cannot support the D.C. pedos/murderers with a good feeling about it. Soon it will become known just how sick and overcome with filth D.C. has become and every day it will become more difficult to quit supporting this evil despite how loathsome it is becomes obvious. I believe our very souls are in jeopardy and I know our children and grand children's lives are endangered.

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