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Title: Getting vaccinated for covid four or more times results in near-complete collapse of the immune system, bombshell study finds
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Published: Jan 21, 2023
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Post Date: 2023-01-21 09:46:32 by Ada
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(Natural News) Writer and former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson says he has in his possession evidence from a study showing that covid “booster” vaccines push the immune system over the edge, causing an almost total collapse of immune function.

In a series of tweets, Berenson wrote that based on the study’s findings, no more booster shots should go into any arms. (Related: Here’s more proof that covid injections cause AIDS.)

“Boosters need to be halted immediately. HALTED. IMMEDIATELY. Stack coming,” Berenson wrote, Stack referring to his Substack blog. “There’s a new paper. It’s bad. How bad? I’ve shown it to two physicians so far. One said he ‘had a seizure’ reading it. The other said something worse.”

The study comes from China, which is where many believe the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) originated. It shows that after the fourth injection – meaning the two primary jabs and two subsequent booster shots – a person’s immune system is pretty much shot.

A summary of the study explains that, despite being unleashed all around the world under Operation Warp Speed, covid injections have no known efficacy and their “potential adverse effects remain largely unknown.” This in and of itself suggests that nobody should be getting these injections.

Since many already have, researchers decided to compare the humoral and cellular immune responses of an extended course of recombinant receptor binding domain, or RBD, vaccine boosters in a mouse model. Here is what they found:

“Multiple vaccine boosters after the conventional vaccination course significantly decreased RBD-specific antibody titers and serum neutralizing efficacy against the Delta and Omicron variants, and profoundly impaired CD4+ and CD8+T cell activation and increased PD-1 and LAG-3 expressions in these T cells.”

“Mechanistically, we confirmed that extended vaccination with RBD boosters overturned the protective immune memories by promoting adaptive immune tolerance. Our findings demonstrate potential risks with the continuous use of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine boosters, providing immediate implications for the global COVID-19 vaccination enhancement strategies.”

Getting “vaccinated” for covid means permanently destroying your immune system An unvaccinated immune system, just as a little background, is programmed to innately ward off diseases via innate immunity. Upon natural exposure to a pathogen, natural immunity learns to adapt, creating an appropriate level of adaptive immunity.

What covid jabs do, based on these findings, is damage natural immune function. They interfere with the innate-adaptive immune balance, leaving the host more prone to infection – which goes against everything we have been told by the “authorities” about these shots.

The damage caused by covid injections extends far past just antibodies, which function as the immune system’s front-line defense against viruses and bacteria. T-cells, which serve as a backup to antibodies, also become damaged – seemingly without any ability to repair.

The study was published without much fanfare on Dec. 22, 2022, in the peer-reviewed journal iScience. It unequivocally shows, as Berenson is reporting, that covid boosters – and really all covid shots – are a death sentence for one’s immune system.

“We found that the protective effects from the humoral immunity and cellular immunity established by the conventional immunization were both profoundly impaired during the extended vaccination course,” the study’s authors admitted.

Even though mice were used as test subjects instead of humans, the researchers added that the animals were genetically altered “to model accurately the human response to the coronavirus,” bearing “profound similarities with humans in response to SARS-CoV-2 infections.”

“We ‘conspiracy theorists’ knew this years ago,” wrote a commenter about the revelations contained in this new paper.

“Imagine the profits the medical and big pharma industries are going to rake in when everyone has a disease or cancer,” wrote another.

Want to learn more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines? Visit

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#1. To: Ada (#0)

Here’s what we need to do. LET THESE PEOPLE DIE.

Then stop doing anything for those who have been pushing these “vaccines”

Like Albert Bourla. If you see that fucker, do not let him buy anything from you. Do not sell that mother fucker gasoline, food, water, anything. Make those millions of dollars useless. BLEED THESE ASSHOLES FOR EVERY PENNY OF WEALTH THEY HAVE. CUT THEM OFF FROM THE WORLD. DO NOT FEED, CLOTHE, or POWER THEIR LIVES.

I am so incredibly fed up and cannot wait for these vaxxed morons to drop so that when these rich elites want to start making us clean up their mess we can tell them to fuck off.

TommyTheMadArtist  posted on  2023-01-21   9:54:33 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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