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Title: How Converso Jews Used The ‘Holocaust’ To Shame The Catholic Church Into Accepting Vatican II ‘Reforms’
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Published: Jan 24, 2023
Author: CFT Team
Post Date: 2023-01-24 12:07:10 by NeoconsNailed
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(Jewish-Christian Relations.Net) Many Catholics are aware that Vatican II signified the overt Jewish takeover of the Church — but what many don’t realize is that the actual documents of Nostra Aetate were written by a rabbi, along with Jews who had recently “converted” to Catholicism — and that they used their unshakeable belief in the co- called Holocaust™ as the impetus to shame and manipulate the Vatican into accepting their radical revision of Church dogma vis a vis “The Jews”.

On the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, liberal Catholic academic Joshua Furnal published the essay, “Abraham Joshua Heschel and Nostra Aetate: Shaping the Catholic Reconsideration of Judaism during Vatican II” which detailed — if not celebrated — the Jewish hand in the writing of Nostra Aetate — from without at the behest of Rabbi Abraham Heschel — and from within by the Zionist converso Jews — notably John Oesterreicher — and not mentioned in the article — Gregory Baum, and Bruno Hussar.

Rabbi Abraham Heschel

Rabbi Abraham Heschel was a “radical” Talmudic Jew born in Poland — and claimed many of his family members were “murdered” by the “Nazis — before fleeing to the U.S. where he became a leading figure of many subversive movements such as the Civil Rights Movement and anti-Vietnam demonstrations. He became a “close friend” and “secret” confidant to the Jesuit Cardinal Bea — and he made it clear to him and many others that he’d rather die in the Gas Chambers at Auschwitz than convert to Christianity:

“As I have repeatedly stated to leading personalities of the Vatican, I am ready to go to Auschwitz any time, if faced with the alternative of conversion or death.”

“Coincidentally” Cardinal Bea’s personal secretary was none other than the notorious Malachi Martin — a crypto-Jew and subversive, defrocked “Irish” priest and blackmailer who was working as a spy on behalf of Rabbi Heschel and the American Jewish Committee to steer the debates about Nostra Aetate in their favor.

Afterwards, Rabbi Heschel would brag,

“Have you noticed that what was introduced into the final text of the declaration [Nostra Aetate] is in the spirit of the words that I suggested to the Pope?”

–from the book Spiritual Radical: Abraham Joshua Heschel in America, 1940-1972 by Edward Kaplan, p. 273 John Oesterreicher

Born in Moravia, John Oesterreicher converted to Catholicism and became a priest — and in the 1930s engaged in anti-Nazi activities in Austria while he parents were interned at Theresienstadt and Auschwitz where they allegedly died — before fleeing to the U.S. where he set up the the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies at Seton Hall University.

In 1965 Oesterricher wrote the essay “Auschwitz, the Christian and the Council” in which he conceded that while “some Jews” were, in fact, involved in the killing of Christ, not all Jews for all time should be blamed for it — and used the alleged Gas Chamber myth at Auschwitz to elevate their status as “martyrs”. He also makes the outlandish claim that the “Nazis” didn’t hate the Jews for killing Christ per se — but rather hated the Jews for giving the world Jesus Christ, whom the “Nazis” allegedly hated — because He stood in their way for “world domination.”

Gregory Baum

Born in Weimar Germany, and then fleeing to Canada via England, Gregory Baum — a strong supporter of gays and lesbians in the Church — and a closeted homosexual himself — wrote of Auschwitz,

“After Auschwitz the Christian churches no longer wish to convert the Jews. While they may not be sure of the theological grounds that dispense them from this mission, the churches have become aware that asking the Jews to become Christians is a spiritual way of blotting them out of existence and thus only reinforces the effects of the Holocaust”......


Tho't I'd exposed the kikish "Reverend" Oesterreicher and his "Institute for Judeo Christian Studies" at Seton Hall Juniversity here -- guess not. Glad to see others have--

Whatever became of richard9151? Has X-15 flown the coop?

Better start reading and supporting Christians for Truth, gang, the greatest site now existing expressly for jew exposure. Its pace has slowed way down and I'm sure the editor is finding the expense a problem. Kyle at says he'll prolly have to quit soon, and is frozen in place.

How about those first two paragraffs up above? The aeonic veil over the jewing of the RCC is RENT IN TWAIN! NN

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