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Title: Aussie Merc (Ukraine) From Bakhmut's Shocking Revelations About Wagner: "AFU Is Losing Badly"
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Published: Jan 30, 2023
Author: Horse
Post Date: 2023-01-30 16:51:38 by Horse
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Key takeaways:

1. Wagner and the Russian Army are far more advanced than western media portrays. They have "total capability overmatch".

"Wagner has tracking drones, artillery with integrated combined arms attacks, infiltration teams...

2. "Wagner main troops have taken exceedingly few casualties--they are not using "human waves" but intelligent shock-attacks."

3. "They have better ISR, integrated into their individual batteries."

4. "Wagner has blue-force tracking, each soldier knows exactly where they are in relation to each other. AFU uses flags and markers--total capability overmatch."

5. "Super advanced equipment is being found on Wagner troops--stuff even Australian Army doesn't have. All their infiltration groups have NVG's (night vision goggles) and blue-force tracking IR systems (digital tracking of each soldier, mapped onto digital maps), personnel radar systems and integrated drone teams, phone Sim-Card tracking and jamming, their own DJI team behind the lines. They have everything."

6. "Chinese DJI drone teams are helping Wagner behind the lines, giving them all the latest DJI technology."

7. When asked how many total casualties Ukraine is taking, all he could say was that the 5,000 man Brigade he's affiliated with in Bakhmut has lost 80% of its men. So that means in just one city (Bakhmut), just ONE Brigade has lost 4,000 men. And Bakhmut has 5-10+ AFU Brigades operating in it. This seems to confirm what the Russian side said about Soledar where "7 Ukrainian Brigades lost 70% and were withdrawn". If you extrapolate this out, 70-80% of every Brigade lost x 5-10 Brigades is at least 15,000 - 30,000 dead just in Bakhmut alone. There were 4,000 - 10,000 dead in Soledar alone. So as you can see, in this region alone there are tens of thousands of AFU likely dead.

8. "It is a near certainty that Bakhmut will fall, and likely much more than that."

9. "Morale (Ukrainian) is SO BAD at the moment."

10. "AFU's Psyops are completely ineffective. Both sides suck. They drop leaflets on each other and have no other effect besides becoming toilet paper."

11. "When you're injured, even if you get to a hospital the chance of your survival is low, because the hospitals are in bad shape, misdiagnose you, give you banned medicines that give you ulcers or kill you."

The version I posted is edited for the interesting parts. But feel free to watch the entire thing here:

Poster Comment:

Wagner has better equipment than the regular Australian Army.

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