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Title: Ukrainian Military Requests Coordinates from Great Satan Before Firing Artillery, Official Reveals
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Published: Feb 11, 2023
Author: Elvis Dunderhoff
Post Date: 2023-02-11 10:10:45 by Ada
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NEW: Ukrainian official confirms to @ABC News that the U.S. provides coordinates to Ukraine for most strikes carried out in Russian-occupied areas of the country, using the U.S.-supplied HIMARS rocket launchers.

— ABC News (@ABC) February 10, 2023

We’ve known this since the HIMARS were sent – the Ukrainians don’t have the ability to target them.

So of course the US government is helping them attack Russia after they said they wouldn’t ever do that.


The Ukrainian military requests precise coordinates from the Pentagon for almost every rocket fired from US-made artillery systems, and would not fire a shot without getting them, according to a report by the Washington Post.

Three Ukrainian officials and one senior US official spoke to the newspaper, on condition of anonymity, about America’s involvement. One Ukrainian source implied that Washington has the final say on every action, making the case for the delivery of longer-range rockets to Kiev.

“You’re controlling every shot anyway, so when you say: ‘We’re afraid that you’re going to use it for some other purposes,’ well, we can’t do it even if we want to,” the senior official was quoted as saying.

The US official disputed the characterization, claiming that Ukraine selected targets and that the American side simply provided intelligence to make best use of the GPS-guided munitions. But the Ukrainian official said that when the US fails to provide coordinates as requested, Ukrainian troops simply don’t open fire.

“The Ukrainian side” doesn’t even exist, other than as a theoretical thing. It’s a convenient spook.

Zelensky is a total drug addict and a puppet. We know now as a matter of fact that he tried to surrender and agree to not join NATO all the way back in March and the Americans told him he’s not allowed to do that.

Kids these days think a hero is guy with great abs and magic powers flying around fighting aliens.

They’ve got no idea what a real hero looks like.

— Andrew Anglin (@WorldWarWang) February 10, 2023

The idea of any independence at all coming from the Ukraine is a lie. Everything is organized and managed by Washington and NATO. They make all of the decisions. Increasingly, they make up the fighting force on the ground.

Everyone who matters knows exactly what is going on. The Ukrainians are stupid and brainwashed and they’re being fed into a meat grinder by Uncle Sam and their Junkie Jew puppet.

It’s dumb to even talk about it at this point.

Let’s remember this speech! West is fighting war with Russia! This is absolute proof that collective West is at war with Russian Federation

— Tom Klan (@KlanTom) February 1, 2023

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