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Title: Remember The White Rose
Source: The White Rose UK
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Published: Mar 15, 2023
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Post Date: 2023-03-15 22:25:04 by Original_Intent
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Brief History of Die Weisse Rose During World War II a German underground movement called Die Weisse Rose (The White Rose) distributed leaflets calling on people to resist the Nazi regime. One of their leaflets mentioned that every single human is entitled to a government that guarantees the freedom of every single person and the wellbeing of the community. Every human should be able to reach their natural goal, their earthly joy, autonomously and by their own accord. Die Weisse Rose spoke to people’s conscience and urged them to wake up from their dangerous lethargy. In their fourth leaflet the members of Die Weisse Rose wrote: “We won’t be silenced, we are your bad conscience, the White Rose won’t leave you in peace.”

s a young woman, Traute Lafrenz Page joined the small but determined Nazi resistance organization called the “White Rose.” Now, decades after Page put her life on the line to fight against Adolf Hitler, she has died at the age of 103 at her home in Yonges Island, South Carolina.

“I was a contemporary witness,” Page told the Bild Zeitung in 2018. “Given the fates of the others, I am not allowed to complain.”

As The New York Times reports, Page was a young medical student in Hamburg when she met White Rose member Alexander Schmorell. When Page moved to Munich to continue her studies, Schmorell introduced her to the group’s doomed leaders, siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl.

Poster Comment:

Traute Lafrenz Page the last surviving member of the last surviving member of the White Rose resistance against the NAZIs in Germany passed away on March 10 at the age of 103. Most of her friends were executed by a Kangaroo Court.

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The Japanese Emperor in 1936 offered to FDR to break his alliance with Hitler, to pull out of China and to become his ally against Stalin. In March of 1939 the German military sent 2 officers to London seeking peace. They offered to arrest Hitler if they could have peace. His Majesty's Jewish Government said No. Three Jewish boys (Stalin, Van Rosenfeld and Jenny Jerome's son Winston Churchill killed 58 million people after the other side had tried to surrender.

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