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Title: Media Claims That Anyone Who Questions the US Government/Media is Brainwashed by Russia
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Published: Mar 17, 2023
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2023-03-17 10:48:40 by Ada
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It is the official policy of the US government/media that it is impossible to genuinely come to the conclusion that you do not support the US government/media.

Instead, anyone who thinks they do not support the US government/media is brainwashed by Russian and/or Chinese propaganda.

This makes perfect sense, given that the US government/media claims, as a religion would claim, that they are the one true path to ultimate truth and reality. However, religious men will admit that there are things beyond human understanding, whereas the US government/media asserts that it is itself able to define reality.

The final truth of ultimate reality, the US government/media claims, is that the meaning of life is found in gay anal sex. Therefore, the assertion that anyone who disagrees with them is in league with the Russians/Chinese would mean that anyone who has a Christian faith – and therefore opposes gay anal, including licking and fisting – is brainwashed by the enemy.

Of course, the details of all of this are never really broken down in the way I just broke them down. Instead, we get baby type gibberish.

The Guardian:

As Russia’s ruthless war against Ukraine has faced major setbacks since it began a year ago, the Kremlin has deployed new disinformation themes and tactics to weaken US support for Kyiv with help from conservative media stars and some Republicans in Congress, according to new studies and experts.

Moscow’s disinformation messages have included widely debunked conspiracy theories about US bioweapon labs in Ukraine, and pet themes on the American right that portray the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, as an ally in backing traditional values, religion and family in the fight against “woke” ideas.

The thing about the ultimate truth of the US government media that confuses a lot of people is that it’s totally based on easily disproved lies.

Victoria Nuland claimed there are biolabs in the Ukraine.

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