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Title: Trans Psyop
Source: NewsWars
URL Source: ... te-ties-exposed-by-alex-jones/
Published: Mar 31, 2023
Author: Alex Jones - Infowars
Post Date: 2023-03-31 12:24:20 by Original_Intent
Keywords: Slaves, Tavistock, Monster Joe, Psychiatrists
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Alex Jones breaks down the deep state ties to the violent trans cult created by the Deep State intelligence agencies and popularized with the help of corporate media and Hollywood.

From Aldous Huxley and the United Nations transhumanist movement to the modern transgender craze in America, Jones explains how we got to this point as a society and what we can do to stop the mutilation of children.

Poster Comment:

I have been aware that this was a Psyop for a while. If you had studied this shit and the evil of which Joebama and his Psychiatric Masters and Mistresses are capable of this would have become apparent a long time ago. Alex breaks it down well in his video but it sickens me to watch this evil be allowed to flourish.

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