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Title: NH House Democrat Leader Calls On Nashua State Rep. To Resign
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Published: Dec 7, 2022
Author: Tony Schinella, Patch Staff
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NH House Democrat Leader Calls On Nashua State Rep. To Resign

Rep. Stacie Laughton, D-Nashua, a felon who is being held in jail due to several stalking charges, was asked to resign from the Statehouse.

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Posted Wed, Dec 7, 2022 at 11:19 am ET | Updated Wed, Dec 7, 2022 at 11:35 am ET

State Rep. Stacie-Marie Laughton (D-Nashua) is being held on multiple stalking charges after two incidents in Hudson earlier this year. State Rep. Stacie-Marie Laughton (D-Nashua) is being held on multiple stalking charges after two incidents in Hudson earlier this year. (Hudson Police Department)

CONCORD, NH — After weeks of waiting for official comment, Democrat’s New Hampshire House leader has formally requested a Nashua Democrat to resign from her seat due to multiple criminal allegations against her.

State Rep. Stacie Laughton (D-Nashua), a prior felon and one of the first transgendered persons to be elected to a state legislature in the United States, is being held in jail on multiple charges, accused of stalking a woman in Hudson in August and November. She was arrested on two sets of charges — and was able to hide one of the arrests from voters. The second allegation against her occurred on Election Day.

Laughton, through her attorney, informed the Secretary of State’s office she would not be seated for Organization Day and probably would not be able to defend her duties for several months.

After being sworn in today, state Rep. Matt Wilhem, D-Manchester, called the accusations against Laughton “deeply troubling,” noting “domestic violence and stalking is reprehensive behavior.” He then called on her to resign and for a special election to be held.

“While Representative Laughton’s attorney has stated that she will be unable to undertake legislative activities for a couple of months,” Wilhem said, “I call on her to issue a formal resignation and allow the citizens of Nashua to elect a new representative in a special election.”

Laughton was not seated today, choosing not to attend in prison garb, which she would have been allowed to do. There were rumors she would be issuing another statement through her attorney today, which was not confirmed at post time.

On Thursday, a judge ordered Laughton held in jail. She was reportedly working on negotiating a plea deal for multiple counts of stalking.

Laughton was reelected in November to one of three Hillsborough District 3 seats after being elected in 2020 for her first term. She was first elected in 2012, and is believed to have been the first transgendered person elected, but could not serve due to being on probation for a felony conviction on credit card fraud in the Lakes Region in 2008. A special election was held, and she attempted to sign-up again to run but was told she was not able to be a candidate. Laughton has also been elected to serve as a selectman in Nashua.

Laughton’s other prior criminal history includes making bomb threats to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center in Nashua in February 2015, an incident she blamed on “mental illness,” as well as seven counts of penalty for false information after misusing the state’s 911 texting system for three months in 2021.

Last year, after being arrested on texting charges, she complained about media coverage that made her look like a monster.

“I’ve come a long way I have a good heart,” she said. “I love serving my community … I love volunteering in my community to help others in need because I have been somebody in need in the past … I have been homeless and now I am (the) host ... I have needed help with food and now I can help with food ... so it’s really sad to see people paint such a negative picture of me and not get the other side.”

During Organization Day, 200 Republicans and 191 Democrats were sworn into the House. Republicans hold a tiny 201 to 198 majority.

According to reports, sta te Sen. Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, was sworn in as Senate president.

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