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Title: Legal Researcher For Senator Ron Johnson Warns 'Brutal Global Mass Murder Program Was Fully Intentional' And A 'Biomedical Police State Kill Box' Is Now Fully Established
Source: All News Pipeline
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Published: May 9, 2023
Author: Stefan Stanford
Post Date: 2023-05-09 02:53:03 by Original_Intent
Keywords: Apocalypse, Deep State, Fauci, Mengele
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The stories over at Substack the last several days from numerous different authors are absolutely alarming and tell a story that must be told considering the mainstream media won't touch these with a 50-foot pole and instead, are helping the anti-America terrorists/squatters sitting in the White House, Congress and the Pentagon wage a deadly war upon the American people, now aimed at your children and mine.

With a recent study published on the website Nature reporting a major scientific journal had just published research linking 'the vax' to untreatable eyeball blood clots, finding that those who'd been 'vaxxed' were at significantly greater risk of developing blood clots than 'the unvaxxed,' while according to this story at the COVID blog, new research has found thousands of 'vaxxed' patients are finding their skin to be quite literally 'melting off,' 'baffling' doctors, those stories prove why it's no wonder 'vaccines' of the past were tested for years and years, and even decades sometimes, before they were given to 'the people,' unlike this 'death shot' that was haphazardly rolled out and injected into the masses in 'warp speed'.

As Steve Kirsch reports in this new story over at Substack, the COVID vaccines have an estimated death rate MORE THAN 1,000 higher than the acceptable safe limit, but nobody at the FDA or the CDC, or within the United States government, cares about that. The real story is that an estimated 80% or more of the vaccines examined in this study are too deadly to be used. Here's the data showing that.

And with two must-read stories over at Bailiwick News at Substack, one titled "Construction of the Kill Box: Legal History," with the 2nd one titled "mRNA-LNP compounds are cellular genetic dirty bombs," laying it all on the line, we're warned what we've witnessed the last several years, continuing to this day, is nothing less than a US military operation upon the American people, a biomedical police state kill box system forced upon us, where genetic cell poisons were falsely presented to and injected into the world’s people as medicinal products.

Called a "brutal global mass murder program that is fully intentional," also warning within this story that "Widespread fear, confusion, despair, sickening and death are not, as many would prefer to believe, 'unintended consequences,'” we're warned that the research done by author Katherine Watt has found this 'killing program' dates back at least 60 years, and includes: religious, psychological, behavioral, biochemical, social, economic, political, financial, monetary and military elements, hiding behind lies about the source and purpose of human life and procreative potential; population-carrying capacity; resource use; climate; scientific and technological aptitude; human disease; and human health.

Also reporting that these never-ending lies are constantly promulgated by governments, transnational organizations, mass media and State schools, we're told how the program works, making it much easier to see why so many young children and healthy young adults are now dying sudden and unexpected deaths, because mass deaths were the 'end game' of these devilish programs in the first place. From this Bailiwick News story written by paralegal researcher Katherine Watt.:

The nurse-with-needle is the bomber.

The lipid nanoparticle is the suitcase used to smuggle the bomb into cells.

The mRNA is the bomb.

Once inside the cell, fragments of genetic code replicate and interfere with healthy genetic code in myriad ways, causing countless injuries, diseases and organ failures, and bringing about death.

And bringing death to young and previously healthy children is now what's happening globally, allowing the globalists to 'double or triple or quadruple down' on their depopulation plot by not only killing our youngest generations, but assuring that all of those murdered children never have kids themselves. And now we have batsh!t crazy Chelsea Clinton claiming "it's time to force-jab every unvaccinated child in America." Those are civil war words, Chelsea, see what happens if you try it!

We'll start with a must-read story by Dr. William Makis MD titled "Children 5-12 years old who died after taking Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines: here are 25 children who died from mRNA jabs, while 0 healthy children died from COVID-19 infection itself" (originally published here) within which Dr. Makis shares with us the stories of 25 previously healthy young kids who died soon after getting vaxxed.

Using the social media posts of their parents and other relatives announcing their unexpected deaths, as well as their 'vax stories,' to prove to us these young children were indeed killed by the vax, none of us should be surprised that the mainstream media continues to call such stories 'conspiracy theories.' One such heartbreaking story is told in the photograph directly below.

With another such story over at Substack written by Dr. Paul Elias Alexander titled "Turbo Cancer Leukemia: Children From Ages 11 to 21 Are Dying Within Hours or Days of Cancer Diagnosis," echoing our April 28th ANP story titled "Tidal Wave Of 'Turbo Cancers' Strike America At Same Time As Doctors Warn Of An 'Accelerated Disease Process' And 'The Greatest Crime In History' Being Carried Out Before Our Eyes," Dr. Alexander warns us we're now witnessing something never seen before, and yet the mainstream media continues to deny that all of these unexplained deaths are tied to 'the vax.' From his story.:

TURBO cancers, which are blindingly rapid, vicious, from diagnosis to rapid metastasis, often death as soon as diagnosis. We are seeing cancers that are in remission flaring up, and metastasis happening at speeds never seen before. Why? Is it the COVID gene injection? All evidence suggests YES! When will they listen, when will the proper studies be done and when will this mRNA technology injection be stopped?

Malone, Kariko, and Weissman’s mRNA technology based gene injections appear to damage and subvert the P53 pathway and when there is cancer, the P53 pathway is hobbled. mRNA gene injection does this. The majority of the human cancer cells exhibit the inactivation of the P53 pathway. P53 tumor suppressor protein play critical roles in DNA damage responses, apoptosis, autophagy, and cellular metabolism.

With Dr. Alexander within that story also telling the heartbreaking story of a 13-year old girl from Harlem Middle School in Georgia who died within hours of being diagnosed with leukemia, who had gone to the ER with a headache and ear infection and found to have “bleeding in her brain, lungs, stomach’ and throughout her body,” with her parents claiming they never knew she had it and "She never had more than a sniffle and she’s never been hospitalized for anything since she was born," stories such as that are plentiful both here and here, stories confirming the global govt war upon children.

And with the photographs above telling us the heartbreaking story of a 5 year old girl from Brazil named Helena DeMarco Lavalle, who had her 1st dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vax on Feb. 18, 2022 and then died 8 days later in her sleep, in this Global Research story written by Dr. William Makis MD, we see such heartbreaking stories such as those of Helena are seemingly endless.:

Children reported to VAERS database, who died after Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines

VAERS ID: 2535782: 11 year old boy (non-US) had 3rd Pfizer dose on Dec.13, 2022, had a cardiac arrest 4 hours later and was found by family member with face immersed in bathtub, died the same day.

VAERS ID: 2396993: 7 year old girl (non-US) had Pfizer 2nd dose on April 19, 2022 and died 3 months later on July 17, 2022.

She presented 3 months after Pfizer jab on July 13, 2022 with fever, upper abdominal pain, rash, then had a seizure and died on July 17, 2022.

VAERS ID: 2395618: 10 year old girl (non-US) had Pfizer jab, 8 days later presented with diarrhea, died on July 8, 2022.

VAERS ID: 2373124: 5 year old girl (non-US) had Pfizer jab, next day developed nasopharyngitis, outcome was fatal, died on June 11, 2022 (one day after Pfizer jab.)

VAERS ID: 2410237: 5 year old girl (non-US) had 1st Pfizer Jab, died 4 months later on June 5, 2022.

In the months after Pfizer jab she developed acute ITP (immune thrombocytopenic purpura), was hospitalized with life threatening thrombocytopenia for 18 days, suffered brain death and passed away.

VAERS ID: 2316094: 6 year old girl (non-US) had Pfizer 2nd mRNA dose, 3 months later she developed abdominal pain, vomiting and died on May 28, 2022.

VAERS ID: 2334700: 10 year old girl (non-US) had Pfizer mRNA jab, 24 days later she presented with fever and malaise and died on May 21, 2022.

VAERS ID: 2193609: 8 year old girl (non-US) had Pfizer mRNA jab on Feb.18, 2022, and died on March 06, 2022, 16 days later.

She presented Mar.4, 2022 with fever and headache, on Mar.6, 2022 presented again with abdominal pain, vomited blood, had shortness of breath, was intubated, suffered cardiac arrest and died.

VAERS ID: 2152560: 7 year old boy from Washington died 13 days after 1st Pfizer mRNA jab, on Feb.16, 2022.

He had fever for 24 hours, became lethargic, vomited on the way to Emergency, was listless on presentation. He proceeded to a shock state and had a cardiac arrest. He was not able to be resuscitated and died in the ED.

VAERS ID: 2109625: 8 year old previously healthy boy from Mississippi died 8 days after 2nd Pfizer mRNA dose on Feb.10, 2022.

Mom called in 6 days after 2nd Pfizer jab complaining he had nausea and vomiting. Sometime during night of Feb.10, 2022, 8 days after his jab, his parents found him blue and lifeless in bed (cardiac arrest). Was taken to hospital, were able to get a pulse back several times, but lost him in the ICU.

VAERS ID: 2377304: 9 year old girl from California had 1st Pfizer mRNA jab on Dec.12, 2021, presented with 2-3 days of stomach ache, sore throat and chest pain, died 2 weeks after Pfizer jab on Dec.27, 2021

VAERS ID: 1975356: 7 year old girl from Minnesota died in her sleep 11 days after her 1st Pfizer mRNA jab, on Dec.10, 2021 (she had fever, mild cough & congestion the night before, mom found her at 9:15am not breathing)

VAERS ID: 1890705: 5 year old girl from Iowa with complex medical history died in her sleep 4 days after 1st Pfizer mRNA jab, on Nov.22, 2021

TGA (Australia) ID: 724023 – 9 year old girl died after Pfizer mRNA jab of Cardiac arrest (March 25, 2022)

TGA (Australia) ID: 719838 – 7 year old boy died after Pfizer mRNA jab (seizure, cardiac arrest) (Mar.11, 2022)

So WHY are SO MANY young and previously healthy children dying sudden, mysterious and completely unexplained deaths following their being 'vaxxed'? As Dr. Makis warned us in 'his take' of what we've been witnessing, with AT LEAST 25 children ages 5-12 who've died after a Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vax, and only ONE child death from these products being far too many, these vaxxes should have NEVER been rolled out for anyone at all, much less for the young and innocent children in our world. But we shouldn't be at all surprised that the NWO is murdering kids; as Susan Duclos reported in this recent ANP story, the globalists war upon children continues unabated.

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