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Title: Destroying The Republic -J6 Psyop Getting Exposed
Source: Steadfast Nation
URL Source: ... he-capitol-resigned-after-1-6/
Published: May 13, 2023
Author: SFN Admin
Post Date: 2023-05-13 17:57:55 by Original_Intent
Keywords: Treason, Biden, PsyOp, Psychiatrists
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J6 Psyop Getting Exposed

Shortly after the unrest that occurred on 1/6 the Capitol Police Chief, Steve Sund, and both Sergeant At Arms resigned. Almost a week after the protest the truth started to trickle out, and everyone let the Capitol Police out to dry.

These reports show that Pelosi’s 1/6 witch hunt is so Democrats and rewrite history and cover up the truth.

Sund attempted to get extra security before the protest as a precaution however his efforts were undermined by the lack of concern from both House and Senate Sargent At Arms that report directly to Pelosi and McConnell.

In an interview with the Washington Post Sund explained he was worried about the size of the crowd that was expected and to be safe wanted some extra security. Sund asked House and Senate security officials permission to keep the National Guard on standby just in case however, that request was denied.

House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving said he wasn’t comfortable with what it would look like declaring an emergency before the demonstration. Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger told Sund he should use his Guard contacts, asking them to “lean forward” just in case they need help.

The Washington Post reported Irving has fled DC since the protest last week.

Mayor Muriel Bowser was also no help before the event either, she told federal law enforcement outside of the Capitol police they wouldn’t be needed. Her reasoning was that she didn’t want the optics that she was treating Trump supporters differently than how she treated BLM protestors.

Everyone was acting according to their own self-interest.

John Falcicchio, chief of staff for Bowser then had the gall to tell the Washington Post, “Literally, this guy is on the phone, I mean, crying out for help. It’s burned in my memories.”

They were part of the reason Capitol Police didn’t have the strength to manage the situation in the first place.

At 12:45 pm protestors that couldn’t get into the rally arrived at the Capitol and at 1:09 pm Sund told both Sergeants-at-arms they were going to need help because protestors breached the grounds. Both said they would “run it up the chain” and get back get him.

Help didn’t arrive until 5 pm.

Both Sergeant At Arms need to be investigated why did the House Sergeant At Arms that reports to Pelosi just disappear? Where is he? What did Pelosi tell him to do?

Poster Comment:

They are cleaning up inconvenient details i.e., people "who know too much". Why do you think the Deep State despises Julian Assange? He knows too much and has too many documents.

The applies to President Trump.

Joe Puppet complies with everything they tell him to do - or else. to-help-biden-win-2020-election-lied-for-joe/

"Leaked Emails Reveal CIA OPENLY Wanted to Help Biden Win 2020 Election, Lied for Joe"

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