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Title: Hezbollah Hosts War Drills For Media Amid High Tensions With Israel
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Published: May 23, 2023
Author: Tyler Durden
Post Date: 2023-05-23 00:55:57 by Horse
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In a rare display of its military potential, the Lebanese fighters of Hezbollah on Sunday staged a series of war drills in front of an audience of invited journalists. The show of force comes as tensions between Israel on the one side, and Hezbollah as well as Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza on the other.

ManarWeb @WebManar

#Hezbollah fighters detonate border wall and storm the Israeli settlements in Upper Galilee before heading into Al-Quds

Senior Hezbollah official Hashem Safieddine said the display “confirm[s] our complete readiness to confront any aggression” by Israel.

The event came before "Liberation Day" -- when Lebanese commemorate the May 25, 2000 withdrawal of the Israeli military from southern Lebanon -- and after Thursday's annual "Flag March" in Israel, a Zionist event that's heavy on racist and genocidal chants directed at Palestinians, such as "Death to Arabs" and "may your village burn."

Hosted at a training site in southern Lebanon, the various displays included the destruction of a simulated Israeli border wall, explosions consuming Israeli flags on hillsides and fighters firing from the backs of motorcycles.

Safieddine hinted about Hezbollah having a precision-guided missiles, but the group did not display them. According to this video, however, Hezbollah showed off surface-to-air missiles with Iranian sights:

War Noir @war_noir

#Lebanon 🇱🇧: #Hezbollah fighters have recently conducted a military maneuver; which also shows several interesting pieces.

Some of the fighters can be seen with several 9K310 Igla-1 (SA-16 Gimlet) MANPADS fitted with #Iranian 🇮🇷 'TIS-S-60' thermal sights (ht: @fighterxwar).

Middle East Observer @MEO_Analysis

Hezbollah anti-drone weapons

Rockets are a major cornerstone of Hezbollah's arsenal, with some estimating the militia has stockpiled more than 130,000 of them. It's one reason why Hezbollah is often called the world's most-armed non-state military force -- and why the Iran-aligned militia is a meaningful check on Israel's military ambitions.

Aleph א @no_itsmyturn

Hezbollah terror organization holds maneuvers, presumably in Mleeta "tourist" site, showcasing their MLRS launchers #Lebanon

April saw the one of the largest exchanges of fire between Hezbollah and Israel in recent years. That violence accompanied a broader Palestinian backlash against Israel, sparked by a police raid on Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque the included the brutal beating of Muslim worshipers.

War Noir @war_noir · #Lebanon 🇱🇧: A noteable photo of the sniper unit of #Hezbollah during the recently held military maneuver.

The fighters appear to be armed with a large quantity of Russian ORSIS SE T-5000 sniper rifles and at least one Mk 14 EBR-RI (Enhanced Battle Rifle).

Maharlika 🇵🇭🇷🇺 @Jordanpkjj

Have to say I am quite impressed with Hezbollah's military exercises over the weekend.

From a secretive group of a few hundred volunteer fighters, to an army consisting of tens of thousands of soldiers regularly displaying their capabilities - all in the space of two decades.

Poster Comment:

Hezbollah will be getting Iranian suicide and combat drones as soon as the war in the Ukraine winds down.

The next step will be fort the Iraqis with Iranian help to tun the AMerican military out of their country. (3 images)

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