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Title: Dorsey and Musk Call for Abolishing Intelligence Agencies
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Published: May 25, 2023
Author: Andrew Anglin
Post Date: 2023-05-25 12:15:46 by Ada
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Jack Dorsey this week called for the destruction of the intelligence agencies, referencing an infamous “scatter them to the winds” statement that John F. Kennedy allegedly made about the CIA following the Bay of Pigs.

Dorsey tweeted a version of the quote, while Elon Musk responded with an exclamation point.

Obviously, I agree that the intelligence agencies should be abolished. Probably, I agree with most of the things Elon Musk says and most of the things Jack Dorsey would say if he spoke more often.

However, the apparent rallying of the tech industry behind Meatball DeSantis is very concerning. DeSantis is not a revolutionary figure. He is a creature of the donor class and a Zionist shill. The best thing he maybe would do is some basic measures to slow the black crime, maybe do something for the economy. He’s not going to do anything awesome.

This new tech elite is attempting a kind of coup, apparently. I’m not even theoretically against that in every situation, but DeSantis is a pet with existing owners, and the owners are the people already in power – Jews.

Look at the way he flip-flopped on the Ukraine. These tech bros have been agitating against that war, because it is messing with their money, and DeSantis took that position then switched to the Jew position. He’s useless.

Furthermore, I don’t really see why the Democrats would allow DeSantis to be elected in the first place. They control the voting. Even if DeSantis is non-threatening, why would they give up their power with no one forcing them to?

I will say: it’s quite possible that DeSantis can overcome Trump in the primary with all of this backing he’s got. Regardless of how ridiculous he is, it is possible. I am not going to put odds on it. We’ll see. But he’s got a better chance than Jeb.

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