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Title: Gov. Hobbs vetoes bill prohibiting porno-filming in Arizonas K-12 public school classrooms
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Published: Jun 6, 2023
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Post Date: 2023-06-06 02:30:32 by Horse
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Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed a new bill that would have made it illegal to facilitate or record sexually-explicit conduct in public places, like classrooms and government buildings.

This veto decision comes months after an Arizona teacher was fired after being caught recording pornography of herself and another individual in her classroom and posting it to the website OnlyFans.

“No 12-year-old child should ever have to worry that their middle school desk was the location of a porn shoot, yet because of Hobbs’ actions, this is precisely the case,” said Arizona State Senator Jake Hoffman.

SB1696 was supported by Republicans and made it through the House and Senate. However, Democrats ended up voting against the proposal, as expected.

In November of last year, another teacher was discovered recording porn in her 8th-grade class, before uploading the videos to social media platforms, OnlyFans, and other risqué websites.

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