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Title: Millennials Are Starting to Shift to the Right
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Published: Jun 6, 2023
Author: Sarah Arnold
Post Date: 2023-06-06 09:14:13 by Ada
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As the Democratic Party becomes more progressive, radical, and insistent on its push for a liberal agenda, young Americans are stepping away and leaning toward the Right.

According to data from Nate Cohn with the New York Times, millennials are shifting towards the Republican Party.

Liberalism is not what it used to be before the 2000s. Being liberal in today's society does not mean walking around barefoot, selling flowers along the highway, and burning your bra. Instead, it means supporting LGBTQ propaganda and being brainwashed by an 80-year-old president who doesn't remember where he is half the time.

The data from the study found that nearly 50 percent of people born between 1980 and 1984 now vote Republican in presidential elections— a trend widely compared to the voting habits of the youngest Generation X voters who came before them. Moreover, despite millennials born between 1985 and 1994 still voting for the Democratic candidate, the data shows they have made definitive shifts towards the Right since 2012, the same year President Obama was re-elected.

Rainbows have turned into a virtue-signaling symbol that shows how radical you are, and if a brand doesn't display it, then the woke mob will beat you down until you give in to their extreme Left narrative. For decades, sports teams with the same logos have suddenly changed their appearance because liberals got offended. The Democratic Party has shifted away from what millennials remember it as, which could be a reason for the change in political views.

According to Times estimates, while millennials backed Obama, only half of those voters supported President Joe Biden in 2020. Exit polls show an even broader shift, with "Biden winning by just 51-45 among voters who were 18 to 27 in 2008."

A Times/Siena College poll found that the same group of voters "preferred Democratic congressional candidates by just 10 points" in last year's midterms, adding that "the Democrats and the Democratic brand are in deep trouble."

Cohn argued that Republicans likely have won voters by "colorblind messaging on race" and "becoming the 'anti-establishment' party." In contrast, the Democratic Party won voters because of the "Iraq war or same-sex marriage."

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