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Title: Hilarious: Sewage Backs Up Into Kitchen Sinks in Millennium Tower (NBC video)
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Published: Jun 25, 2023
Author: NBC Bay Area
Post Date: 2023-06-25 18:46:57 by NeoconsNailed
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NN SEZ: NBC takes this seriously but I can't stop laffing. The super- rich, immune and hostile to temporal truth, flee reality into ever more prestigious and expensive digs but can't escape lower class or third world problems as infrasctructure becomes ever shakier in ex-America.

It's hilarious enuff that 301 Mission Street cost $600 mil to develop and they've spent at least $100 mil trying to fix its 29-inch tilt, and now this! Lots of small towns have had to deal with Love Canals and flaming tap water -- now they've got company in high places. Youtube commenters know the only solution is demolition but none of the high rollers involved want to go there.

The Tower is the most vainglorious of all left coast condo piles. The only question is whether some "diversity" or "equality" issue caused it to be situated on mud and sand as with so many shock headlines these days. There's no 44th floor because orientals consider it an unlucky number -- oh please.

Hate the super-rich, eat the super-rich, drink their tears. All of 'em!

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Poster Comment:

'Millennium Tower residents complain of unpleasant byproduct of continued tilt'

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