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Title: Bigotry 4 Loserz: Why the race card is a worthless commodity
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Published: Jul 19, 2023
Author: Rich Rotten
Post Date: 2023-07-19 18:15:16 by riotus
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Bigotry or racism has zero in common with equality and only holds value amongst the inept. A free society will not guarantee equality but may condemn bigotry and racism because they are not mutually exclusive.

To discriminate based on color is as intelligent as suggesting everyone is equal and both have fatal ramifications in a free society. Only an authoritarian government can rid a population of hate, while amongst a prosperous and sovereign citizenry, imbibing hate or applying indiscriminate adulation is generally a net negative.

A populace that is governed by a free market isn’t afforded the liberty to discriminate based on anything other than performance or merit. A competitive entity will entertain acquiring the services from those with repulsive and questionable qualities in a quest for the almighty dollar; can these same corporate whores afford to discriminate based on physical attributes?

The most fundamental aspects of Natural Law, such as survival of the fittest, assure that a viable society hasn’t the luxury to discriminate on frivolous concepts such as one's physical attributes. An advanced civilization must measure one's value against one's ability to negate the universal scarcity, despite one’s proclivity to trigger the gag reflexes of polite society.

-Rich Rotten A.K.A. SuperDick

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