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Title: A woman’s guide to Dating
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Published: Jul 23, 2023
Author: Pest
Post Date: 2023-07-23 21:33:28 by riotus
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Too many good sub-adult men have been misled by toxic pop-culture misinformation and live a lonely existence devoid of a proper male role model. A biological father is a vital part of a young man’s march to adulthood and either aids in fomenting his success or is complicit in his failure.

Unfortunately, many boys are forced to grow up fatherless, due to an untimely demise or an all too often absent parent. When a young man is doomed to traverse the planet in such a rudderless state, he is ignorant of so many fundamental laws, particularly those that regard the fairer sex.

A man might never fully grasp the entire manic mindset of a woman, but must still be aware of some essential, universal truths pertaining to dating.

First thing First

A female couldn’t be less concerned over traits like loyalty, honor, and respect, those only retain value in a man’s world. They are only interested in what men can offer them. they are biologically driven to obtain protection and security, fulfill sexual desire, and finally acquire love. This can be broken down into three deciding factors which are wealth, looks, and personality/talent.

A woman will settle for one of these three factors over the other and this isn’t any more evident than when we see a beautiful woman dangling off the arm of a crusty old man. For thousands of years, wealth has been the “great equalizer”, making ugly ducklings endearing and vapid morons more interesting. Some rather disturbing examples linger amongst Hollywood perverts, where total diamonds are attached to some repulsive or absolutely ancient motherfuckers.

A man who possesses a universally favorable appearance might not walk away with the hot model on his arm, but you can wager it all that she’ll be banging him on the side. Sporting a symmetrical and pleasing aesthetic will get you into a woman’s pants even if you’re broke, intellectually empty, or an infamous serial killer.

The hardest working and usually the most disappointed men are those that appeal to a woman’s heart, armed with only an intriguing personality, an authentic quality, or unparalleled charm. A man that offers honesty pledges his unwavering commitment, or innately exudes a mega-dose of compassion is really only scraping at the bottom of the bucket.

This kind of man is good for a woman, soothing her wounds and overlooking her many defects, but he’s merely a third prize.

In conclusion

This isn’t to suggest that a female is any less empathetic to the human condition or any less forthright than a man. A man is solely driven by attraction but may pretend to appreciate her other discerning factors, which supposedly fueled his pursuit. Humor, intellect, and respect are all traits valued by men and aid in assessing other men, not women.

This information is essential when one’s navigating through the perilous world of relationships or dating, and every young man should be aware of this fact. These unnerving truths about the opposite sex, certainly don’t take away from the overabundance of notable qualities that she maintains.

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