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Title: Canceling Reality
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Published: Aug 23, 2023
Author: Pest
Post Date: 2023-08-23 15:35:40 by riotus
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Those who predicted social degeneracy with the rise of the rabid transgender movement were dismissed as hate-filled doom merchants. Alleged fearmongers who warned the world about the dangers of recognizing Trans-life, might equate to those opposing pedophilia today.

If you were to suggest that a man merely professing his womanhood could infiltrate women’s sports, on every level, and erase historical benchmarks and records, you’d be mad. Arguing that elementary schools would be sexualized and libraries a forum for flamboyant trans queens, would be preposterous.

A debaucherous trans lifestyle has not only subverted sports and academia, but has taken a foothold in the workplace, film and TV, and government. This movement and its deranged devotees are regimenting a behavior that defies The Laws of Nature. (natural law)

This is only a part of a much larger and destructive epidemic that dismisses the premise of reality, At an early age, children are readily privy to misinformation or political propaganda that espouses “feelings” trump reality.

Political opportunists conflate any opposition to the trans movement with an attack on the wretched souls that fill its ranks. The most recent generations of Americans are byproducts of a nefarious propaganda campaign and have difficulty distinguishing facts from fantasy.

These misguided Americans are duped into thinking that they’ve been permitted to escape the consequences of reality, should it become uncomfortable or inconvenient.

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