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Title: British Hospitals Are Also Assuming the Role of Executioner
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Published: Sep 9, 2023
Post Date: 2023-09-09 09:02:32 by Ada
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On September 6 ( western-medical-system-turned-murderous/ ), I raised the question whether American hospitals were becoming execution centers. Jonathan Turley points out that the role of executioner is also being assumed by British hospitals and courts. A British judge has ruled that a 19-year old woman, who wants to fight for her life and who is judged competent to make her own decisions by psychiatrists, can be cut off from life support by the hospital. The woman says “I want to die trying to live.” The judge ruled her incompetent to make her own decisions, because she does not believe the doctors who tell her that her chances are zero. In other words, since she is going to die anyway according to the doctors, the hospital can go ahead and kill her.

One wonders on what rests the judge’s belief in the omnipotence of doctors. We have just experienced, and are continuing to experience, large numbers of deaths and health injuries resulting from patients’ beliefs that doctors were correct that the Covid jab was safe and effective.

Clearly, the medical profession’s attitude toward life has taken a turn for the worse. Check into an American or British hospital at your own risk. conscious-patient-can-be-denied-life-sustaining-treatment

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