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Title: Greenwald Exposes "Fraudulent" WaPo Disinformation Study, David Frum, And ADL Propaganda To Silence Dissent
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Published: Sep 10, 2023
Author: Mike Rivero
Post Date: 2023-09-10 09:36:45 by Horse
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Journalist Glenn Greenwald has once again dissected a load of establishment propaganda disguised as legitimate reporting - this time shredding a new, and fraudulent, "disinformation study" from the Washington Post. And of course, Greenwald has receipts.

The study, which was sponsored by the European Union 'with an Omidyar-funded group' accuses Twitter (X) of facilitating "pro-Russia propaganda" by failing to censor more.

"The EU-led study insisted that Elon Musk’s new Twitter policies, and those of other Big Tech platforms, help spread Russian propaganda –– by which they mean that Musk's reduction of political censorship on the site, and the "failure" of Big Tech generally to censor upon command, is "dangerous,"" according to Greenwald.

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