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Title: GEOENGINEERED HURRICANE IDALIA: Here’s why the superstorm was deliberately intensified and aimed right at Taylor County, Florida
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Published: Sep 11, 2023
Author: conspiracy researcher
Post Date: 2023-09-11 11:12:56 by Ada
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SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposé was sent to this Alt Media platform by an experienced conspiracy researcher and crime investigator. (Article republished from )

For the uninitiated, here’s how weather warfare and geoterrorism is now systematically perpetrated against the American people every storm season of the year, depending on where they live.

Everyone knows that the entire southeast United States has seen hurricanes practically forever. However, the dramatic uptick in the incidence of Cat 3, 4, and 5 hurricanes is quite unusual and now very obvious to long-time residents of the South.

In point of fact, Hurricane Season was never so fraught with these superstorms as the Deep South has experienced over the past 30 years. That’s because the NWO geoengineers are purposefully making those storms from scratch or hijacking natural tropical storms. Then, these geoterrorists greatly intensify them and aim them right at a pre- selected target.

The last three mega-hurricanes to hit the continental US, which all struck Florida, were each manufactured in this fashion. The latest highly destructive superstorm was Hurricane Idalia which was stealthily geoengineered, initially off the coast of the Yucatan (see the preceding map), where the technology and equipment is located to generate superstorms from their very inception. That technology includes, at the very minimum, a specific mix of chemical geoengineering techniques, Nexrad radar stations, HAARP-level frequency emitters, and power plant- generated water vapor.


The 3 most devastating hurricanes to strike Florida over the past five years were manufactured in this manner and took a similar path initially. What follows are the trajectories of Hurricane Idalia, Hurricane Ian and Hurricane Michael, respectively:

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