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Source: Bad Ass Uncle Sam
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Published: Sep 13, 2023
Author: Sling Blade
Post Date: 2023-09-13 08:39:00 by Sling Blade
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NAME OF ACCUSED: Biden, Joseph Robinette, Jr. et. al.

TITLE: President of the United States.

RESIDENCE: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W., Washington, D.C. 20500


CHARGES: Treason, Genocide, Murder, Extortion, Bribery, Misprision, Conspiracy Against Rights; Depravation of Rights Under Color of Law; Espionage; Rebellion or Insurrection; Seditious Conspiracy

CURRENT SERVICE: January 20, 2021, to present.


VIOLATION OF U.S. CODES: 18 USC 2381; 18 USC 1091; 18 USC 1111; 18 USC 872; 18 USC 201; 18 USC 2382; 18 USC 241; 18 USC 242; 18 USC 749; 18 USC 2383; 18 USC 2384.


Charge I. Treason, 18 USC 2381. Counts - 336,840,823. Charge II. Genocide, 18 USC 1091. Counts - est. 10,000,000 Charge III. Murder, 18 USC 1111. Counts - est. 4,000,000 Charge IV. Extortion, 18 USC 872. Counts - 2 Charge V. Bribery, 18 USC 201. Counts - 2 Charge VI. Misprision, 18 USC 2382. Counts - 2

*Above Specified Numbered Charges I - VI are augmented, under the very same or similar fact patterns, by listed offenses seen immediately below.

Conspiracy Against Rights, 18 USC 241. Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, 18 USC 242. Espionage, 18 USC 794. Rebellion or Insurrection, 18 USC 2383. Seditious Conspiracy, 18 USC 2384.



18 USC 2381. Counts - 336,840,823.

WATCH LIVE: Importuning Faux Presidential Inauguration of Suspect Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., and Suspect Kamala Devi Harris - 20 January 2021

11,023,203 views. Streamed Live.

20 January 2021. Run Video file at time 1:23:40.

Kindly see attached true pdf copy of birth certificate for Suspect Kamala Devi Harris demonstrating her Jamaican Citizenship Status, as an ongoing Subject of the British Crown and patently disqualifying her as ineligible to hold office as Vice POTUS, or POTUS - per US Constitution, Article II, Sec. 1 and the last clause of its 12th Amendment.

Question: Why then, hasn't Suspect Harris naturalized?

Answer: If she did, it would be certain admission of ineligibility & if unrelenting in pursuit of importuned office, of Seditious Conspiracy under 18 USC 2384, in the gross Fraud.

Above facts likewise confirm Misprision of Treason, 18 USC 2382 by Suspect Biden, and Espionage, 18 USC 794 by Suspect Harris, in addition to culpability of both Suspects in a Conspiracy Against Rights, 18 USC 241, and a Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, 18 USC 242 of the American People.

(Above related offenses are suitable for additional numbered charges, supporting this fact pattern.)

Suspect Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor (UK) Promises Chinese Communist Party Chairman Suspect Xi Jinping Closer Cooperation Between Crown & Communist China in Next Coming Years

19 October 2015. One- & one-half minute Imbedded Video, play all.

See attached pdf for evidence exhibit, Coronavirus US Patent issued 20 November 2018, to Crown-controlled, UK infectious disease lab The Pirbright Institute of Woking, Surrey southwest of London, which funded infectious disease Merial Lab at Nanchang, China, 222 miles south of Wuhan, China, with monies from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the British Wellcome Trust. Cameron-greet-Chinese-president-Xi-Jinping.html#v-3995713820710122756

Crown 'Vaccination' Genocide Happened Before - Last Century (1899-1902) Under Lord Pirbright & Henry Wellcome Against The Boers in South Africa - Killing 60,000 Men, Women & Children in Wretched British Concentration Camps

Please see below "Breaker Morant" film link at 59:13, depicting Australian Soldiers' Outrage at the appalling Crown 'VACCINATION' GENOCIDE of the Boers - not unlike the Rapacious Crown's Starving Ships of the 18th century before that, during America's own War for Independence, in which over 11,000 Colonial Prisoners of War were summarily starved to death on the high seas. America remains yet, in Undeclared War against the Godless & Satanic Mammon Crown, with now millions of Americans killed by the 'Election Infection Injections' of 2021 to Present - under US Patent of Corona Virus, on 20 November 2018, granted t0 the Crown's own Pirbright Institute, of Surrey, southwest of London. Please see attached pdf.

One simply can't make this evil up. ooks04/0400611h.html

Watch again: Suspect Biden Addresses Troops at RAF Mildenhall As He Arrives in UK

9 June 2021. View at time stamp 1:00:07, v=pTvH1cDgLtw

First travel occasion - Post 2020 Coup - of Suspect Biden Faux Presidency, in obeisance to Crown - landing at RAF Mildenhall in UK, with British Subject Suspect Harris in tow (Jamaican UK father), to pay homage to the Anglo-Banker Money Masters, the Crown, Privy Council & MI- 6 Minions, which together effected the "Global Election Management Fraud of 2020", to thwart The American People in self-determining Their Future, by ending the Anglo-Banker Kommunist Franchise, and restoring American Values of God, Family & Country with the overwhelming reelection of Their Instrument, the 45th POTUS.

At Mildenhall, dual US/UK Flag Medallions on Grandstand Livery - all but melded - during hangar address of 'Thailand Colonel' & Suspect Jill Biden, codify the Crown's intention to totally absorb, in all but name, the United States, its people, resources & production.

They had five (5) months to plan this look - this telegraphed Confirmation of Treason.

Note Chinese Bodyguard of Suspect Biden, who is always within arm’s length.

There has been a great investment made by the Crown & their CCP inions, in that wicked heartbeat.

Suspect Biden: 'God Save The Queen, Man.'

16 June 2023. Truly 'Freudian Slip' from this rankest Conspirator. q=biden+God+save+the+queen+video&source=desktop

"Whistleblower Bombshell: DOJ Perjury & Obstruction? - Verdict with Sen. Ted Cruz - Ep. 171" Suspect Merrick Brian Garland, US AG Refuses DoJ Investigations into Obvious Crimes of Treason, Bribery & Extortion by Suspect Biden In Conspiracy with Son Suspect Robert "Hunter" Biden and Complicit Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Members


26 June 2023. Run Video file at time 18:51.

Communist Chinese Government Gave $400M to Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) (United Kingdom Dominion of Canada) in October 2020 - One Month Before US Presidential Election

3 December 2020. bank-account-gave-400m-to-dominion-voting-systems-before-us- election.html

LIVE: Canadian Dominion Voting Systems CEO Suspect John Poulos - Testimony Falsely Stating (3 Counts), 'DVS Machines Not Connected to Internet.' During Michigan State Senate Hearing on 2020 General Presidential Election Integrity

15 December 2020. Run at 1:32:26.

See 'DVS Wi-Fi' Red Circled pdf attachment, showing DVS Operating Manual displaying optional WIFI connection.

Boeing Engineer Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck: 'They're All Connected To The Internet'

24 November 2020. Play from especially time 25:28.

Engineers Discover Nationwide Cellular Network That Gives the Federal Government Access to Election Systems at Precinct Level cellular-network-that-gives-the-federal-government-access-to-election- systems-at-precinct-level/

Voting Machines are Connected to Internet, Defeating Chain of Custody for Votes internet.html

AZ Maricopa County Recorder Suspect Adrian Fontes: 'Dominion Voting Systems Agents Were Permanently in Maricopa County Offices, from 2017 Onward.'

Smartmatic CEO Suspect Antonio Mugica Rivero Admitting 'Manipulated Turnout Numbers’ in July 2017 Venezuela election - "59 to 41." smartmatic-ceo.html

Smartmatic Consortium (SBC) Founders Connected to Radical Venezuelan Kommunist Government

English Translation, Excerpt. Please see text below. s/20040622_InformeMaquinas.htm

"At the end of January - beginning of February 2004, the apparent contracting of the SBC Consortium (Smartmatic-Bizta-CanTV) for 112 million US$ took place, of which 91 million would be for Smartmatic- Bizta, in fact sixty-three (63) million would be for Smartmatic (purchase of the machines) and thirty-one (31) for Bizta (local processes) [See Annex 6 - El Carabobeño].

The exact amounts and responsibilities of each entity could not be specified as there was no access to the contract documents or the letters of credit apparently opened before the Bank of America in favor of Smartmatic and Bizta: They were opened before the Bank of America.

In any case, what is essential is the impossibility of trusting a company in which the government is not only a shareholder, but has appointed as its representative and Director not just any official from the public administration, but a person clearly linked to the most radical of Chavismo, Eng. Omar Montilla Castillo, which is evidenced by the following [see Annex 5].

1. He was a militant and operational member during the electoral campaign in 1998 and 1999 of UNEPAD - (Unit for Strategy and Electoral Register of the Patriotic Pole).

The director of UNEPAD was the current Minister of production and Commerce Wilmer Castro Soteldo, remember that Foncrei (owner of SCR) is attached to this ministry.

For Castro Soteldo, engineers Jorge Berrizbeitia and Omar Castillo worked in the computer science area of this unit 1, who today serve as President and General Director of the National Center for Information Technology (CNTI), an organization attached to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

2. His father worked as the Secretary of the Council of Ministers and in the Directorate of Registries and Notaries."

Annexes of Documentation on Contracting Smartmatic-Bizta-Cantv (SBC) Consortium with [Kommunist Venezuela] National Electoral Council (CNE)

Annexes 1 through 6, containing deep information on Smartmatic ongoing ties to Venezuelan Kommunist Government. ers/20040622_Anexos.htm#Anexo%201:

Suspect Antonio Mugica Rivero Smartmatic Co-Founder & CEO Tied to Suspect Crown's Oxford University Democracy & Technology Operation team/detail/61/

Suspect Roger A. Piñate, Smartmatic Co-Founder, Patent Holder & President Ties to Venezuelan Kommunist Government team/detail/3307/

Smartmatic The Philippines - Legislators' Disgust with Admitted Fungibility of Smartmatic Voting Technology

Smartmatic Chairman Suspect Lord George Mark Malloch-Brown of British Crown's Privy Council & President of Suspect George Soros’ (aka György Schwartz) Open Society Foundations Spouting Philippine Election Fraud Lies - But Confirms:

'Smartmatic Uses Dominion Voting Systems Licensed Technology'

21 June 2015. Run Video file at time 06:07.

Smartmatic Headquartered in London, UK - Foxes in US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Hen House

Website excerpt, see text below.

"Smartmatic was established in the United States in 2000 and is currently headquartered in the United Kingdom. The company is a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security 'Council for the Election Infrastructure Subsector'."

Smartmatic Deeply Implicated in Kenya [Former British Protectorate] Presidential Election Fraud of 9 August 2022 By International Criminal Court Prosecution Office

14 April 2023. .pdf

POTUS 2020 Election Fraud Task Force Counsel Sidney Powell: 'These Are Not Defects in These Machines - These Are Features Put in The Machines to Manipulate Results'

12 August 2022. Play all - noting remarks at 12:23.

"Conexiones Peligrosas Dangerous Connections: Story Behind the Electronic Votes"

30,139 views. Smartmatic Digital Election Fraud in Venezuela, Philippines, US, Mexico, Brazil.

8 November 2020. Run at times,

5:55, Smartmatic 'Yellow Button' Fraud. 9:17, Mugica’s "Bizta" Government-Owned. 10:55, Smartmatic Philippine Fraud. 11:27, Smartmatic buys "Sequoia". How? 14:05, Hard Copy ballots never counted. 25:22, 'Tascon Voter List' persecution. 30:53, Smartmatic connected to Internet. 35:06. Digital Election Fraud Worldwide.

American Pilgrims Society Loyalists of the British-Chinese Horde - 31 October 2017 Society-traitors-to-the-British-Chinese-Horde-POSTER-Oct-31-2017.pdf

The coordinated, legion & ongoing US Election & Voter Fraud, across all 50 States & US jurisdictions - during the preparation years from 2017 onward - leading up to, and culminating in the "Global Election Management Fraud" of Tuesday, 3 November 2020, represents the single, most infamous Coup D'état in all world history - far surpassing even the Anglo-Banker funded, equally murderous, Leninist-Marxist, Bolshevik Coup & Murder of the Russian Tzar Nicholas II, in 'Red October' of 1917,or the winter entrance of Gaius Julius Caesar, crossing the Rubicon at head of his Legio XIII Gemina, on 10 January 49 BC, to become Emperor of the formerly Roman Republic.

Weeks, months & now years of independent fraud analyses, by many competent authorities, confirm.

Suspect Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. the principal importuning & immediate beneficiary of this Programmatic Treason, has become The Most Infamous Traitor in All Recorded History.

Simple reviews of the 'Red Curve - Blue Curve', x, y Graphs of 2020 Vote Tally Results for the five (5) most notorious offending, fraudulent jurisdictions including,

Arizona, thebiglie.fran Georgia, thebiglie.fran Michigan, thebiglie.fra Pennsylvania, thebiglie Wisconsin,

Demonstrate the Patent Global Fraud, with the straight vertical ascent of the blue lines, after close of polls, in hundreds of thousands of unanswered, nominal votes for Suspect Biden, while not a single vote for the incumbent President is tallied - a statistical & physical impossibility.

USPS Truck Driver Jesse Morgan Suspicious of His Load of 288,000 COMPLETED Ballots Trucked from NY to PA on 21 October 2020


1 December 2020. Play all, noting remarks at 8:21.

Suspect Kamala Devi Harris: 'Nationwide Riots Are a Movement. They’re Not Going to Stop.'

17 June 2020 Air Date, Wednesday Night.

Video Evidence has now been removed from CBS website, seen in links below.


Suspect Kamala Devi Harris: 'Riots Are Not Going to Stop and They Shouldn't and We Shouldn't. Everyone Beware.'

twitter.c om/SteveGuest/status/1299013980711784448

37 Times Faux VP Candidate Suspect Kamala Devi Harris & Other Democrats Incite Riot & Assassination of US President "Dems Call for Widespread Civil Unrest"

11 January 2021. id=5ffcc021be20a73aea01984b

Importuning VP Candidate Suspect Kamala Devi Harris Bails Out Rioters

1 June 2020. now-to-the-minnesota-freedom-fund-to-help-post-bail- for/10158943194687923 harris-helped-bail-out-of-jail

Suspect Harris was deeply & strategically complicit in the 2020 Election Riots & Coup D’état, which certainly aggregated to coordinated, matured &gross Rebellion or Insurrection, under 18 USC 2383 - while she notoriously incited to Riot & Mayhem, tens of thousands of Banker- Kommunist, NGO-funded Street Operatives led by centrally controlled, undercover, Tier 1, Contract, "Color Revolution" Operators - whose legion crimes of Arson, Breaking & Entering, Looting, Aggravated assault, Murder and more, were openly countenanced, exhorted & enthusiastically approved by Suspect Harris all across the country, during her pernicious, 17 June 2020 network interview with Suspect Stephen Colbert.

That Suspect Harris literally arranged for hundreds of thousands of dollars of bail, to set some of the worst offenders free from jail in Minnesota & elsewhere - returning them to the systematic Rioting & Mayhem - evinces her further implication in Seditious Conspiracy under 18 USC 2384.

Likewise, that Suspect Biden accepted Suspect Harris as 2020 Vice Presidential Running Mate after her willful, calculated & demonstrated flaunting of the ' US Constitution and the Laws of The United States in pursuance thereof ' during her detestable, riotous, inciting & supporting actions, categorically seals his fate in singularly despicable and remarkable reason & Seditious Conspiracy.

Exclusive: $1 Billion-Plus Riot Damage Most Expensive in Insurance History

16 September 2020.

Suspect Kamala Devi Harris with Kommunist & Fraudulent Mexico President López Obrador - Masque Photo Op at Mexico City Palacio Nacional

8 June 2021.

Masque-wearing Suspect Harris in above link is seen willfully persisting in the Grand Lie of Pandemic, just as she had, during the ongoing "Election Infection", over the last four (4) years - while prosecuting her Illicit Campaign for & Importuning Fraud as, US Vice POTUS.

This becomes evidence of her ongoing, Willful Fraud against the American People & others - even to present.

And evidence of Suspect Biden's Treason & Misprision of Treason in allowing Suspect Harris' lies to go unchecked, unreported.

Treason! Biden's Bizarro Border Patrol Caught Cutting Razor Wire to Let Illegal Aliens In

1 July 2023. caught-cutting-razor-wire-to-let-illeg.html

"Twitter Video of C-17 Loading up with People from the rear, with the Ramp Partially Raised in Darkness"

Sunday, 15 August 2021. m/shunja003/status/1426984816239681540

"Stunning Photo of Over 600 Afghans Packed inside US Air Force Plane” (640)

New York Post. packed-inside-air-force-plane

"Inside Reach 871, a US C-17 Packed with 640 Afghans Trying to Escape the Taliban" packed-640-people-trying-escape-taliban/184573

India Today - C-17 Taxi Footage (End of Clip) with Afghans Sitting on Landing Gear Fairing airport-as-afghans-try-to-flee-1841626-2021-08-16? utm_source=recengine&utm_medium=web&referral=yes&utm_content=video_playe r-slot-9&t_source=recengine&t_medium=web&t_content=video_player-slot- 9&t_psl=False

Two (2) Afghans Falling to Death During C-17 Kabul Takeoff - Video.

Red Voice Media. [ Caution Sensitive Viewers.] death-as-they-cling-to-plane-leaving-kabul-apache-clearing-runway

Afghan Man's Body At Altitude Flailing At 450 Knots Caught In USAF C- 17 Exterior Landing Gear Door Fairing - Video

Daily Mail. [ Caution Sensitive Viewers.] caught-landing-gear-c-17-clambering-plane-emerges.html

Same Video & Image removed from below Twitter Link.


India Today Reports US Air Force Investigation into C-17 Takeoff from Kabul with Body Found in Wheel Well Upon Landing in Qatar video/watch-us-probing-deaths-at- plane-takeoff-in-kabul-1842147-2021-08-18

"Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015) - Ethan Catches a Plane"

In desert ground life, Afghans would never have experienced physical wind forces of the magnitude involved in high-speed flight (few have) - and possibly may not have any cultural reference in their normal lives, about the hazards of modern flight operations.

It may well be Afghan Refugee Patriots had somehow seen the “Mission: Impossible” movie stunt footage and believed it possible to withstand flight, while hanging onto the exterior of accelerating, fast moving, modern aircraft.

A nominally credible source reports Taliban had positioned artillery beyond a ridge to the north, adjacent to the Kabul airfield.

Please see below at minute 5:15,

"Overwatch SITREP - 8 18 21"

Monkey Werx US.

19 August 2021.

Such perceived circumstance could serve as strong inducement to desperate acts by Kabul Afghan Patriots.

A list of those in the infamous, nominal "Chain of Command" for the C-17 aircrew operating their aircraft at Kabul is seen below, right on up to Suspect Biden.

This Command list is imperfect & flawed at the outset because some of the individuals on it importune to hold their office fraudulently, - without authentic authorization from The People - based on a Fraudulent General Election result in November of 2020 - or they act in illegitimate appointment to lower office, by those so importuning.

Additionally, some of the Suspect Lower Echelon Commanders have rotated out of below billets - with their successors' bios now appearing at their former digital bio links below.

The Suspect Commanders named below will be found in DoD & USAF web archives of their bios for this tour of duty.


Col. David A. Fazenbaker, USAF mcchord/index.php/about/leadership/commander-62nd-airlift-wing


Chief Master Sergeant Joseph K. Arce, USAF mccho...about/leadership/command- chief-master-sergeant-62nd-airlift-wing


Maj. Gen. Xavier T. Brunson, USA mcchord/index.php/about/leadership/commanding-general


Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr., USAF

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

Chief Master Sergeant, JoAnne S. Bass, USAF Story/Biographies/Biography/Article/2411757/cmsgt-joanne-s-bass

Secretary, Department of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III Story/Biographies/Biography/Article/2522687/lloyd-j-austin-iii

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs Chidi Blyden Story/Biographies/Biography/Article/2607389/chidi-blyden

Suspect, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

British Subject, Suspect Kamala Devi Harris

The above listed Importuning Suspects comprise, in effect, a Rogue Junta, which has rolled a great many dark things into their Illicit Agenda - things which are wholly apart & unrelated to legitimate policy, supporting actual defense of the American People & Their Constitution from enemies foreign & domestic.

This is consistent with the operation of a Coup.

Thus, they become the Enemy.

In fact, to all purposes & outcomes, this Illicit Junta is full throttle manifestation of a Cultural Marxist (CM), Critical Theory (CT), Politically Correct (PC), Color Revolution (CR), Anglo-Banker activated Coup d'état.

Cdr. Gerald Atkinson, USN (Ret.), PhD, described this eventuality in his many articles warning America and the top Navy leadership of this threat - as early as thirty (30) years ago. Please see attached in pdf, one such key article entitled,

"What Is the Frankfurt School?"

The article dating from 1999, contains the information, Suspect General Mark Milley, USA & previous Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, feigns ignorance of, in his complicity with the Rogue Junta.

For those complicit - whether by commission or omission in the policies & outcomes of this Criminal Band - penalties are detailed in the attached pdf of US Code.

Please see attached,

Treason, Misprision of Treason, Rebellion or Insurrection, Sedition - Penalties Under 18 US Code - 2018.pdf

Nominal demonstration of how execution of above penalties is carried out, is seen in following excerpt of a feature film, entitled,

"Hang 'Em High"

Remember, unconstitutional, unlawful, or spurious orders include those given by persons constitutionally ineligible or unauthorized to issue such orders.

It is very dicey for those in lower echelons of command - when nominal superiors are engaged in Wholesale Treason, Sedition, Election Fraud & Criminal Enterprise. **

Complying with any order, in such circumstances, makes juniors potentially culpable.

Invariably, Illicit Juntas will look for Junior Scapegoats to sacrifice, when their Treacherous Machinations & Treasonable Currents turn awry, or become so infamously insufferable, as to incur broad censure. [ Witness the fall of deeply debased & disgraced former NY Governor, Suspect Andrew Mark Cuomo seemingly now cut adrift by his fellow Junta associates. ]

An apt portrayal of such a moment, during notorious prosecution of the Boer War in South Africa by the Rapacious British Crown - while shooting prisoners of war & interning their families in British Concentration Camps, with 60,000 dying under a British Wellcome Company Vaccination Campaign - is seen in the following clip, at minute 59:13,

"Breaker Morant"

Does the above African chapter, 120 years ago, approach equivalence to present familiar events in America now, Dear Friends?

Very much so.

Meanwhile, in present chapter, Afghan Patriot Refugees have died in the most callous, macabre, un-Christian & un-American circumstance and America is shamed before God and the world.

US Citizens must promptly end this affront to Christ's Liberty, The American People & our fellow human beings in this world.

** In following video segment, Suspect Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. is seen openly recounting a notorious criminal episode in the Ukraine, when as sitting US Vice President, Suspect Biden blackmailed Ukrainian officials to fire a prosecutor, Victor Shokin, who was investigating criminal allegations against Suspect Robert "Hunter" Biden, who was receiving twice monthly deposits into a Rosemont corporate account of $83,333 (166K total monthly), as part of an influence peddling, grifting operation with his dad, US VP Suspect Joe Biden.

Please see at minute 51:50,

"Foreign Affairs Issue Launch with Former Vice President Joe Biden"

Tuesday, 23 January 2018. president-joe-biden

"Treason never prospers. What's the reason? If it prosper, none dare call it Treason." - Sir John Harrington, 1600

Staggering Costs [83 billion USD] - US Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan

23 August 2021. costs--us-military-equipment-left-behind-in-afghanistan/?sh=3930414041db

START TO FINISH: Suspect Biden's Border Invasion Pipeline


15 May 2023.

Southern Border Collapse. id=6462b5f6594c218d23657615

Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution describes Two Primary Duties of the Federal Executive Branch - 1. Guarantee a Republican Form of Government, and 2. Protect Against Invasion. Suspect Biden is wholly deficient. in these two fundamental obligations, but has openly, willfully, wantonly & notoriously subverted them.

Charge II.


18 USC 1091 Counts est. 10,000,000.

"Solve For X” (There Was No Pandemic) 3,259 views.

29 June 2023. id=649d7a6cff8a6ac4c9b00235

Fraudulent President-Elect Suspect Joe Biden Receives First Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

21 December 2020. Imbedded Video, play all. joe-biden-receives-first-dose-covid-19-vaccine/3999051001/

Suspect Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci Eugenic Globalists Photos bill-gates-ted-turner-rockefeller-and-george-soros-leaks-2/

"Latest VAERS Report Shows COVID Vaccine Has Killed At Least 30,000 In America"


19 December 2022. Run file at time 3:26. id=63a169c54d9b4900771734c2

US Nationwide Empirical Survey Shows: No Corona Virus (CV) Epidemic

3 August 2020.



Suspect Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci’s Sociopathic Murder of the Masses of-the-masses/

Newly Discovered Email: CDC Director Suspect Rochelle Paula Walensky KNEW COVID Vaccine Didn’t Work But Still Mandated Shots rochelle-walensky-knew-covid-vaccine-didnt-work-but-still-mandated-the- shots/

It is unthinkable Suspect Biden be permitted at large for a moment longer, given the exceedingly grave potential for his committing further deadly crimes against The American People, who have suffered his outrages & injuries unto death by the millions - under the willful, despicable, murderous & patently evil coercion of his importuning, fraudulent schemes, including the wholesale attack on the entirety of the US population, with a false flag, programmatic, methodical & diabolical, Faux Epidemic Ruse & Medical Injection Attack, meant to disrupt & destroy the Constitutional Will of The American People, in determining Their Future through unadulterated, genuine & bona fide Elections, and while literally meaning to kill Them - after decades of importing Foreign Constituencies into Their midst, which have now been exponentially accelerated by tens of millions under Suspect Biden's direction.

Charge III.


18 USC 1111 Counts est. 4,000,000

Charge IV.


18 USC 872 Counts - ___2___ .

"Foreign Affairs Issue Launch with Former Vice President Joe Biden"

Tuesday, 23 January 2018. Run file at time 51:50. president-joe-biden

In profane, video confession above, Suspect Biden confesses willful, malfeasant, treasonous & criminal act of extortion in purported, but extra-official, US Policy, during a publicly disseminated Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) video event, describing Suspect's extortion of a Ukrainian President & State Prosecutor investigating Suspect's son, Suspect Robert "Hunter" Biden's involvement in "Pay for Play" influence peddling & racketeering, involving kickback bribes to Suspect Biden HIMSELF.

Suspect Biden as nominal Vice POTUS demanded, immediate, summary dismissal of the foreign prosecutor, in exchange for a billion-dollar guarantee from the US Treasury to the Ukraine, absent any Congressional Appropriation, official US government policy, or treaty authority.

Incredibly, transcript of Suspect Biden's admissions is seen at above link.

This is nepotism writ large, across American government.

Charge V.

Bribery of Public Officials and Witnesses

18 USC 201 Counts - ___2___ .

National Archives Has 5,400 Joe Biden Emails Using Aliases and Fake Names To Discuss Business with Hunter and Forward Classified Govt Info emails-using-aliases-and-fake-names-to-discuss-business-with-hunter-and- forward-classified-govt-info/

"Top House Republican James Comer Says New Biden Bank Records Will Show Family Accepted between $20-30 MILLION From Foreign Nationals"

16 June 2023. Biden-bank-records-family-accepted-20-30-MILLION.html

Bidens Including Suspect Joe Biden aka "Big Guy" Paid Off by Chinese Communist Party Members

20 July 2023. Run Video at 39:56. id=64b8f6eb6d90d9096dc57240

"Exclusive: Proof of Suspect Joe Biden’s Corruption with Suspect 'Hunter' Biden"

27 June 2023."ns- corruption-with-hunter-biden/

"Suspect Biden Laughs Off FBI Bribery Claims as Evidence Mounts Against Him and Suspect 'Hunter' Biden"

11 June 2023. evidence-against-him-and-hunter-mounts/

"Report On the Biden Laptop"

2022. See among others, document pages 11 & subsequent, document pages 116 & subsequent, and document pages 571 & subsequent.

bidenlaptopreport.marcopo...rt_viewer/index.html#p=12 1

" SHOCKING New Evidence of Suspect Joe Biden's Corruption"


Time Codes. 0:00 New Evidence Against Suspect Joe Biden. 1:43 Suspect Robert "Hunter" Biden & BHR Partners. 7:39 Congress Investigates Suspect "Hunter" Biden FD-1023 Form. 13:42 Suspect Joe Biden Impeachment Effort. 17:14 Suspect "Hunter" Biden Pleads Guilty. 21:20 Suspect Christopher Asher Wray's Connection to Communist China.

25 June 2023.

Above files document pervasive, incessant 'Pay for Play’ corruption of the entire Biden Clan over decades, specifically conceived, overseen & managed - in detail - by Suspect Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. aka ' The Big Guy '.

Charge VI.

Misprision of Treason

18 USC 2382 Counts - ___2___ .

"Waco:The Rules of Engagement (1997) [FULL DOCUMENTARY]"

18 April 1993.

Run Video at times 2:12:22 and 2:06:09.

Suspect Biden does not fear big lies - in fact, they are his trade.

The acts leading to the horrific, fiery & other gruesome deaths of nearly 90 US men, women & children at the Mt. Carmel orship Center near Waco, Texas, following months of persecution, on Patriots Day, 19 April 1993, were naught but gruesome, wanton, Federal overreach against Christian Americans amounting to Treason - from President Clinton, through AG Janet Reno's DoJ, right on down to the ATF, FBI and other Federal departments & agencies, including DoD & the US Army's Delta special forces.

As patently documented in the above file, US Senators and Suspects Biden & Hatch had every opportunity, three years later, during 1996 US Senate hearings, to review the facts, testimony & evidence of the attack on these peaceful Americans & to report the government's treasonous crimes to a competent authority, i.e. a judge, per 18 USC 2382.

Suspects Biden & Hatch instead willfully & deliberately chose to cover up the offenses, publicly telling the most outrageous, big lies to thwart constitutional Article VI enforcement of treason.

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Attorney Brief - Constitutional Enforcement Under The Supreme Law of The Land.pdf 650K View as HTML Download

Solve For X.pdf 45K View as HTML Download

Dominion Voting Systems - Operating Manual Schematic - WIFI Internet Modem Transmission Circled in Red.pdf 447K View as HTML Download


Coronavirus US Patent - No. 10130701 - Assignee - Pirbright Institute - Woking, Surrey UK - funded by Wellcome Trust and Gates Found. - 20 November 2018.pdf 2237K View as HTML Download

Kamala Devi Harris - Birth Certificate - Mother, Goplan Shyamala, Indian, Age 26 - Father, Donald Jasper Harris, Jamaican, Age 26 - 20 October 1964.pdf 2318K View as HTML Download

What Is The Frankfurt School - Cdr. Gerald Atkinson, USN (Ret.), PhD - 1999.pdf 165K View as HTML Download

Treason, Misprision of Treason, Rebellion or Insurrection, Sedition - Penalties Under 18 US Code - 2018.pdf 30K View as HTML Download

4 Documents

Biden Now Faces ‘New Criminal Liability’ Over Classified Documents over-classified-documents/

Kamala Devi Harris Birth Certificate: usp=sharing

Solve for X: 6BFF3ZnD3L2tI/view? usp=sharing.

Corona Virus – Triple Zero Press Release July 29, 2020: usp=sharing

Dominion Voting Systems – Operating Manual Schematic: usp=sharing

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#1. To: Sling Blade (#0) (Edited)

Fetterman laughs at BIDEN impeachment inquiry

At least we know what the Dims are thinking. Fetterman is too braindead to lie.

“The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone.
TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy…
but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.”

Esso  posted on  2023-09-13   9:11:27 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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