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Title: Pew Study: White Liberals Disproportionately Suffer From Mental Illness
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Published: Sep 13, 2023
Author: Staff
Post Date: 2023-09-13 21:07:53 by NeoconsNailed
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Survey data from a 2020 Pew poll indicates that white liberals disproportionately suffer from mental illness versus their conservative counterparts.

The study, which examined white liberals, moderates, and conservatives, both male and female, found that conservatives were far less likely to be diagnosed with mental health issues than those who identified as either liberal or even “very liberal.”

Young white women suffered the worst.

White women, ages 18-29, who identified as liberal were given a mental health diagnosis from medical professionals at a rate of 56.3%, as compared to 28.4% in moderates and 27.3% in conservatives.

Zach Goldberg, a Ph.D. candidate in political science, consolidated the study’s info in a set of visuals and posted them to a thread on Twitter.

Goldberg included the following disclaimer with his research: “I didn’t write this thread to mock white liberals or their apparently disproportionate rates of mental illness (and you shouldn’t either). Rather, this is a question that’s underexplored and which may shed light on attitudinal differences towards various social policies”.....


NN SEZ: Goldberg's very last statement may wreck his thesis. But the shoe sure fits, doesn't it?

Science has so far found that conservs are saner, more attractive, more satisfied with life -- and what else? Prolly more honest ergo less wealthy -- no great loss.

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