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Title: With ‘democrats’ like these, who needs fascists? The DNC and “our free press” want Bobby dead (and Trump in jail for life)
Source: The Burning Platform
URL Source: ... ad-and-trump-in-jail-for-life/
Published: Sep 17, 2023
Author: Mark Crispin Miller
Post Date: 2023-09-17 13:59:40 by Original_Intent
Keywords: Treason, Deep State, PsyOp, Tyranny
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Guest Post by Mark Crispin Miller

Or they’d be just as glad to get him so freaked out that he can’t focus on the campaign trail (which, of course, makes THEM the “terrorists” that they imagine swarming on “the right”) The refusal of “Joe Biden”—which is to say, Barack Obama (which is to say, the CIA)—to grant RFK, Jr. due protection by the Secret Service, despite the public murders of his uncle and his father, is certainly among the most egregious wrongs committed by (or in the name of) this unspeakable administration; and yet it has provoked no outcry—not, in fact, a peep of protest—on (what calls itself) “the left.”

To those with any memory, or book-knowledge, of “the left” back in the day (i.e., the Democratic Party and the “liberal media,” as well as the popular majority), this approving silence comes as quite a shock; but in the context of “the left” as it is now, corrupted in the Clinton and Obama years, then driven mad by Trump-as-Hitler and the COVID Terror, its failure to protest this glaring (and unprecedented) wrong is no surprise at all. Thus this “left” also approved (and, evidently, still approves) the kidnapping and torturous imprisonment of Julian Assange, although he too, like RFK, Jr., is (one might think) on their side. This is, of course, the same fascistic “left” that’s been applauding the arrests and (often) torturous imprisonment, and the draconian punishment, of the protestors swept up after “January 6”—because those people are, of course, all “fascists,” and so deserve whatever the authorities may do to them (an exact recurrence of the lethal notion that the US government could prosecute, or harry and impoverish, many thousands of Americans, and variously wipe out millions the world over, on the grounds that they were “communists”).... http://democrats-"> like-these-who-needs-fascists-the-dnc-and-our-free-press-want-bobby-dead- and-trump-in-jail-for-life/">Click for Full Text!

Poster Comment:

Of course the reality is that the Deep State Psyoperators want us all dead, and do not want their perversions exposed. Both RFK Jr. and President Trump favor liberty and truth. Both are an anathema to the commie-fasciist left. Why how dare the "Proletariat" think for themselves and read the bloody murderous history of Communism and Socialism.

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