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Title: Ukrainian Army: Home for Christmas?
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Published: Sep 18, 2023
Author: Horse
Post Date: 2023-09-18 02:09:42 by Horse
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That would be Orthodox Christmas January 6, 2024. This would be the most advantageous date for Putin. Everyone in Russia with a surviving son, husband, brother or father would at least get a phone call giving them the best possible news, “I am alive and coming home.” And for the Ukrainians, it would be an end to their nightmare.

Predicting what Putin will do next in the Ukraine is exasperating because he is so cautious. Putin is under a lot of pressure from his military to put an end to the situation in the Ukraine. He also has first round presidential elections scheduled for Sunday March 17, 2024.

Another factor forcing Putin’s hand is the weather. The word for the day is Rasputitsa. In October and November rain and snow turn the top 10 to 15 feet deep of the soil into mud as Napoleon learned. Rasputista in its Ukrainian version can be literally translated as roadlessness. December is the snowiest month and the temperatures do not get above freezing so there is no snow melt. In short, good tank weather begins in December.

A third factor is the assistance Putin will receive from North Korea which will arrive in November. Millions of artillery shells will allow Russia to fire 100,00 artillery rounds a day versus 3,000 a day from the Ukrainians. And most of the latter are cluster rounds which cannot damage a Russian tank with reactive armor. He will also be receiving the Korean KN 25 MLR (Multiple Launch Rocket.) It has a range of 380 km (240 miles.) And the warhead is 300 kg (661 pounds.) The North Koreans had planned to use it against air bases in the South in case of war. Russian engineers will soon improve it.

Putin’s best option is to seize a few hilltops in Sumy district which is directly west of Kharkov. His forces can use artillery, missiles, guided bombs and drones to cut Kharkov and the northern Donbass off from the electrical grid at Sumy. They can also sever the rail lines coming from Kiev so the Ukrainians receive no supplies. Then Putin can use Rasputitsa to his advantage. Without railroads the Ukrainians will be forced to send supplies by truck. During Rasputitsa the only alternative routes would be on clearly defined paved roads, as dirt roads will be impassable for trucks with even moderately heavy loads.

The distance from the capitol city of Sumy to the Russian border is about 30 miles (48 km). Russian Recon teams have been ambushing Ukrainian patrols for a month or so in the area. The Russian military blogger Rybar has published several videos of their exploits.

Drones will be critical for this final phase of the war.

Russia published 303 geolocated videos taken from FPV (First Person View) drones during the first 16 days of September. They sent another 300 plus FPV drones up but received no video confirmation of target destruction. By contrast, they only published 91 videos for the entire month of June, a more than 600% increase in 2 months. The point is that Russia and China are industrial nations and can produce new manufacturing plants on demand.

Forbes magazine is reporting that the new and much improved Lancet loitering drone is in full production. The Russians say they have tripled their output. It is capable of operating as part of a Lancet swarm of 30 to 80 or even more drones with all of them communicating with each other as to targets, such as, radar, artillery, tanks, APCs and trucks.

Orlan surveillance drones and Russian satellites will help the FPV and Lancet drones find targets. Doubling the number of incoming artillery shells will force the Ukrainians to keep their heads down which will help protect the drones, jets and attack helicopters overhead.

Dima from the Military Summary channel reported that the Ukrainians had to remove 3 brigades from the Donbass because they had lost so many men that they were no longer combat effective. Previously, I reported that the Ukrainians have committed all of their reserves to the Donbass frontlines, including 3 Marine brigades who had been protecting Odessa from the coming invasion.

I recently posted the NATO intelligence opinion as to how Russia would invade the Ukraine and end the war. Putin does have 300,000 combat troops in reserve waiting to go. One army group would take Sumy west of Kharkov. A second Army Group would g0 east of Kharkov and attack the Ukrainian troops from the rear at the northern Donbass front line. A third Group would attack the rear of the southern Donbass from Crimea. It is possible in the opinion of NATO officers that a fourth group of Russians and Belorussians attack towards Kiev. Kiev is 100 Kms (62 miles) from the Belarus border. Both the NK 25 and the Tornado S MLRS can fire rockets from the border and hit targets in the Ukrainian capitol.

The Russians could easily knock out all electricity in Kiev and cut the capitol off from all rail traffic both entering and exiting. This would cause a panic in the right place and at the right time.

The Ukrainians have lost 400,000 dead and another 400,000 maimed. The Poles have lost 10,000 and total NATO losses are about 20,000. If those numbers are on the high side as of September, they won’t be by mid-December.

The very last of the Ukrainian men able and willing to fight are already at the front. And most of them will die or be wounded in the next 60 days.

The Dead and the maimed cannot fight wars. Hopefully, this insane war will end sooner rather than later with the surviving Ukrainian men home for Christmas.

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