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Title: Female pharmacists fleeing Ukraine media
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Published: Sep 25, 2023
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Post Date: 2023-09-25 18:32:52 by Horse
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A recent change in Ukrainian conscription rules has obliged female medics and pharmacists to show up to the nearest draft office to update their personal data for possible enlistment. There was reportedly a wave of resignations from drug stores ahead of the decree going into force.

“Owners of pharmacies are in a panic. People are resigning and moving to Europe before they could be stopped at the border,” Elena Prudnikova, the head of a Ukrainian pharmaceutical business association, told online news outlet last Friday.

“Who knows who would work, considering that the industry is already in a serious crisis,” she added.

Ukrainian law offers women of certain professions aged 18 to 60 the option to register with conscription authorities so that they can be drafted as needed.

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