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Title: Comanche Warriors vs. Texas Buffalo Hunters : Quanah Parker & The Battle Of Adobe Walls
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Published: Sep 30, 2023
Author: The History at The OK Corral
Post Date: 2023-10-01 21:19:27 by BTP Holdings
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In 1874, as the buffalo herds that they depend on are systematically annihilated, the tribes of the Southern Plains are becoming increasingly angry at the men killing their buffalo. These men, the buffalo hunters, are often in their 20’s and with little other economic opportunity. They are a dirty, unkempt and hard-fighting lot.

Now, after being convinced by a conniving medicine man that they must band together and rid their homelands of the white man once and for all, a large band of Comanche, Cheyenne, Kiowa and Arapahoe warriors descend upon a remote outpost on the plains of North Texas.

The place is known as Adobe Walls, and the buffalo hunters who live there will soon be in the fight of their lives. Quanah Parker, legendary chief of the Comanche will lead the attack. What follows become one of the most legendary battles in Old West history.

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