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Title: a good laugh - IF the show villainas had people from the past
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Published: Nov 7, 2023
Author: omoto1
Post Date: 2023-11-07 16:04:09 by omoto1
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If you've seen the commercials for the new show villains, if they were to offer a lesson about reality to the staff of the current villains shows, who do you think they can offer it through? There's a slight hint, it'll raise the ratings

I was laughing while I wrote this because of the hidden context behind it. Every staff member of the show villains thinks they can get paid to be corrupt......until

You have five new members you can add to the show, Adolph Hilter, The Boston Strangler (Was murdering women in the 1970's,) Jack The Ripper, Charles Manson and Larana Bobbit

The suspense for the show, Adolph Hilter is unbeknownst to the middle liberal generation while the older crinch over him, The middle to older generation know about the Boston Stranger so no one wants to go outside, the older generation warn the women and the guys about Jack The Ripper because she could kill them in their sleep, while the majority know about Lerana Bobbit. Don't offer Lerana roofy because she'll get you with more ways than one

The punchline is that Charles Manson can be hard to convict because the court will say that he hired all of them to murder everyone so they can't find a thing to make it stick.....the point of the new staff, the past can have Karma

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#1. To: omoto1 (#0)

MGM/Universal is still holding up funding for my Pol Pot/Kampuchea action/adventure fantasy film series based on a graphic novel.

“I am not one of those weak-spirited, sappy Americans who want to be liked by all the people around them. I don’t care if people hate my guts; I assume most of them do. The important question is whether they are in a position to do anything about it. My affections, being concentrated over a few people, are not spread all over Hell in a vile attempt to placate sulky, worthless shits.” - William S Burroughs

Dakmar  posted on  2023-11-07   20:24:26 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Dakmar, all (#1)

MGM/Universal is still holding up funding for my Pol Pot/Kampuchea action/adventure fantasy film series based on a graphic novel.

My apologies for not getting that

omoto1  posted on  2023-11-08   14:10:54 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#3. To: All (#2)

Another extension of before. The directors cut :) Unknown unseen scenes. Another scene to make you laugh

A guy walks into the kitchen while Lerana Bobbit is doing diner for herself. The guy says, "You wanna go into my bedroom so we can have some quiet time?" Lerana says, "No, thank you." The guy slips a roofy into her drink. The guy says, "Come on, you need a break." Lerana Bobbit takes a kitchen knife and a head of lettice out and puts it on the counter she holds the knife up, "I said no!" and cuts the head of lettice in half. They guy says, "Fine" in fear, "I don't want to make you do something you don't want!" Lerana Bobbit smiles, "Good." :)

omoto1  posted on  2023-11-09   1:20:37 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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