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Title: Election Day
Source: Dakmar
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Published: Nov 7, 2023
Author: Dakmar
Post Date: 2023-11-07 19:19:13 by Dakmar
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Right after work today I headed to the polling station to cast my vote against Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogshit. I was impressed by the effort put into making voting easy, last time I tried, in 2020, there was a line snaking through a city park with a wait of least four hours.

I voted last year using mail-in, claiming handicap which was mostly true. I can't camp in line for four hours, but no one should be expected to.

Anyway, today, I showed up at Saint Mark Presbyterian, there were a couple idiots with ID issues at the table, so I stood about three feet away from the table, thinking it polite.

I was there about about two minutes, before some Mexican bitch rushes the table, like a retarded child child at an ice cream truck. Thankfully the election officials were still busy with the original idiots, so I just cleared my throat really loud to get #3's attention. That and my my most evil glare once i caught her attention seemed to do the trick, no face-kick or tackle needed.

"Oh, is there a line?"

I pointed to the folks behind me, and muttered "yeah, line"

Pretty damned sure all three voted Democrat, but otherwise I thought the process much improved from 2020.

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On a somewhat related note, I recently had to change Dentists because of insurance, and my previous dentist was like a half hour drive.

My first visit to new dentist was yesterday, but Google maps was off by about half a mile, so ended up in a spooky building next to a Section-8 apartment complex. There were no signs on the doors, and apparently no tenents, other than hairstyling (negro), but after knocking on a few doors, I determined that I was the only person in the building at the time. So I hightailed it out of there and called the new dentist, they were up the street a bit. All went well, they told me the DDS I had appointment with had vacated spook central about eight years prior but Google Maps did not reflect the new address. I thought all was fine (although much lower class clientele than previous dentist) until I tried to leave. Some nigger had parked right behind me and refused to back up the necessary three feet to allow me to leave until a very nice black woman yelled at him, explaining that she also wished to egress.

This country has gone to shit.

Dakmar  posted on  2023-11-07   19:43:44 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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Dakmar  posted on  2023-11-07   20:18:26 ET  Reply   Untrace   Trace   Private Reply  

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