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Title: Conservatives Win Big In Deep Blue State
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Published: Nov 11, 2023
Author: Andrew Rodriguez
Post Date: 2023-11-12 11:34:23 by BTP Holdings
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Conservatives Win Big In Deep Blue State

Story by Andrew Rodriguez • 11 November 2023

Conservatives Win Big In Deep Blue State
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Long Island Republicans are celebrating a surprise win by Ed Romaine for the county executive seat, indicating a potential GOP wave in New York.

The victory could help Republicans retain control of Congress, with Long Island politics playing a key role.

“How excited are we? We are about to celebrate a huge win of our friend, the great leader, give it up for Ed Romaine,” former congressman Lee Zeldin stated.

“You have the Republicans able to unify on what their message is … The Nassau and Suffolk operations they have politically will be reinvigorated,” political strategist O’Brien Murray exclaimed.

President Trump’s influence remains a wildcard for next year’s elections, and the GOP is now focusing on the presidential debate.

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