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Title: Burma Campaign | The Stilwell Road | World War 2 Documentary | 1945
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Published: Nov 13, 2016
Author: The Best Film Archives
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This US Army film is a documentary about the construction of the Ledo Road (also known as the Stilwell Road after the US General Joseph Stilwell), a 478-mile passage from Ledo, India to Kunming, China. It was built during World War 2 so that the Allies could supply the Chinese as an alternative to the Burma Road (which had been cut by the Japanese in 1942).

The film concentrates mostly on the importance of the Burma Campaign and the Burma Road in supplying Chinese and American forces (for example the tactical Fourteenth Air Force) in China to resist Japanese domination. The British forces in Burma have confront harsh, jungle terrain and monsoons and are driven out by the Japanese in early 1942. Still, working in British India, the Allies work to keep supplies flowing to General Stilwell and Chiang Kai-Shek by building the Ledo Road which replaced the severed Burma Road in 1945.

The Ledo road was built by 63,000 workers and cost $150 million. Before it was finished, the majority of supplies to the Chinese were delivered via airlift over the eastern end of the Himalayan Mountains.

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Ronald Reagan narrates.

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