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Title: Fifty-Plus Israel Lies in 5 Weeks
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Published: Nov 19, 2023
Author: Mike Rivero
Post Date: 2023-11-19 02:00:43 by Horse
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Here’s the list:

No 40 dead babies

No baked babies

No beheaded babies

No children in cages

No eyes gouged

No raped women

No ripped breasts

No paraded captives

No tortured captives

No mutilating dead bodies

No pregnant women cut open

No mass rapes with broken pelvises

No Israel did not found Shifa hospital

No Biden did not see pictures of dead babies

No October 7 was not “unprovoked”

No Pro-Palestine are not “pro-Hamas” rallies

No 8 yr old Emily Hand was not found dead

No “Global Day of Jihad”

No planned cyanide attacks

No all-female Israeli unit killing 100 Hamas

No Hamas coming thru US border

No Hamas headquarters under hospitals

No Hamas hostages in hospital basements

No Hamas tunnels under Rantisi hospital

No Hamas tunnels under Shaikh Hamad Hospital

No Hamas charter published in 2017 is anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish

No small blasts do not prove Israel did not bomb Baptist hospital

No “misfired” rocket was destroyed by Iron Dome before the Baptist hospital bombing

No “misfired” rocket can’t be both fired from cemetery and southwest of Baptist hospital

No “misfired” rocket trajectory does not align with IDF version of events at Baptist hospital

Exposed crisis actor Eli Beer

Exposed crisis actor Hannah Abutbul pretending to be a Gaza hospital nurse

Fake baby crib photo

Fake blood splatter photo

Fake booby-trapped school bags

Fake Al Jazeera journalist twitter account

Fake audio tapes released by IDF

Fake AI-generated images of Hamas leaders

Fake “official Al Qaeda material” on dead Hamas fighters

Fake antisemitism controversy over Greta’s toy octopus

Fake antisemitism allegations on Palestine campus activists

False grandstanding evacuation orders

False subtitles for Palestine protest chants

Fake Mein Kempf book in Gaza children living rooms

Fake ‘terrorist shift list’ by mistranslating an Arabic calendar

False labeled a Gaza 4-year-old toddler martyred in airstrike as a doll

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of West Bank raid survivor

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of Thai children in ghost costumes

False crisis actor accusation by using old pictures of Al-Azhar university students protesting

Yes, many Israeli civilians were killed by crossfire at festival

Yes, many Israeli civilians were killed by Israeli tanks/helicopters at kibbutz

Yes, many Israeli civilians said Hamas was kind to them during attacks and as captives

Yes, Israel exaggerated its death toll for October 7

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