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Title: New Study Reveals a Shocking Side Effect of Chemotherapy
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Published: Jan 16, 2024
Author: Dr Axe
Post Date: 2024-01-16 06:52:47 by Horse
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Reduce risk by exercise, Vitamin D3 and Omega 3. Original Gerson therapy included juiced beef liver and vegetables. Bone broth. Budwig protocol. Goat milk kefir. Helps mitichondria. Chia, Turmeric, Black Pepper.

Nattokinase and Bromelain on an empty stomach. Proteolytic enzymes. Kills senescent cells. Gives benefits of fasting. 3 times daily. Liposomal Glutathione. NAC N Acetyl Cysteine, vitamin C. (Chelation therapy also possible)

Get outdoors.

Garlic, Melatonin, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Ginger. Green tea.

Essential oil Frankincense. ($28.58 for 26 ounces on Google search) at Bulk Apothecary.

Medicinal mushrooms. No fruit juicing. Some limes and lemons. Oxygen therapy. NK therapy.

Frankincense is a natural astringent.

Its anti-inflammatory properties can help decrease Inflammation and Pain.

Frankincense oil can help your breathing.

It may help boost immune system function and prevent illness.

It may help balance hormones.

It protects the skin and may prevent the signs of ageing.

The Truth of 911 Shall Set You Free From The Lie

Horse  posted on  2024-01-16   7:18:38 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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