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Title: "Naming the Jew" Is the Marker of True Quality in Right-Wing Media
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Published: Jan 30, 2024
Post Date: 2024-01-30 04:15:46 by Ada
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There is a dividing line between all political persons on this earth, and that is very simple: do they talk about Jews as the underlying, dominant elite force in the United States?

The term that has been used is “name the Jew.” Thus: “I’m not sure I trust him, he seems good on the issues, but he doesn’t name the Jew.”

Personally, I have always found the term “name the Jew” to be crude and vulgar-sounding. I prefer “blame the Jews.” However, the issue is the issue: political commentators who do not talk about the Jewish stranglehold on Western civilization are of the most mild use, at best.

In recent years, a lot of my talking points from when I started this website more than a decade ago are part of the mainstream conservative narrative. This includes some hardcore issues about the ongoing attempt to destroy white people, and perhaps more importantly even, it includes talk of a global elite that controls the Western political system and does not have its best interests in mind.

Basically, every major right-wing outlet now talks about “the elite” as a hostile entity. They include in this both government and private actors, and they state that these forces are working towards an agenda loosely identified as “globalism.” Often, they actually describe the goals of this elite in terms that I sometimes find puerile or mundane, and yet I agree with the general thrust of the sentiment.

Whether you are on Fox News, Breitbart, or watching the main sponsored shows on Rumble, you find repeated: “the global elite at the World Economic Forum want us to live in pods and own nothing while we eat bugs and are sterilized and crippled by forced genetic vaccines.” I don’t take issue with that, and I think it is basically true, despite being a heavily simplified version of the actual agenda.

The problem is that none of these people can explain why these unspecific and apparently racially diverse elites want to do this. It doesn’t make immediate, obvious sense why a group of powerful people would be obsessed with driving the masses into poverty, humiliating them, and crippling them with vaccines.

This is a big problem, because immediately upon hearing that not only are powerful people doing this, but that seemingly all people with power, with a few notable exceptions, are on board with this, the very first thing people want to know is “why?” Because, frankly, it is not intuitive, in that no normal person is able to imagine doing this themselves.

A normal man imagines getting rich. All men have imagined being rich. Typically, when a man pictures being rich, it is similar to the daydreams of Homer Simpson.

A normal (right-wing, white) man, when fantasizing about being rich, thinks about simple, selfish things:

Sex Fun stuff (fast cars, boats, and other motor vehicles, world travel, luxury items) Status symbols (expensive clothes, big house with exquisite lawnscaping; women and fun vehicles also fit into this category) After that point, the normal man stops being able to list things he would do with money. And of course, the people at Davos already have all of these things.

Further: when asked about what he would do with political power, a normal man is typically altruistic:

Make the economy more fair Ensure that everyone has a good job Clean up the streets, ensure safety for the people, make society comfortable and nice Have a strong country, but be peaceful with other countries Normalize social norms (normal men are opposed to most weird things) Of course, normal men recognize that the WEF elites are “leftist,” in whatever sense.

Leftist (white) men, who I would not classify as normal (most leftists are women, sexual deviants, or ethnic minorities), have more of less the same types of drives. They probably would not admit to wanting sex, even though they would take advantage of it if they had access. Maybe they would have other selfish ambitions, such as wanting to be recognized for their creative genius or some such (most white leftists males believe they are creative geniuses). The leftist list of things they would do with political power would also be altruistic, just stupider: instead of fairness, they would say “equality,” and instead of good jobs they would say “free healthcare and good social benefits.” But they would say things they think are good for society, and I think that conservatives recognize that the standard leftist white men are pushing for political actions they think are good. (Leftists, conversely, tend to think of right- wingers as consciously, purposefully evil, which is rather bizarre, but is beyond our scope here today.)

Thus: when a normal man thinks of what he would do with elite power, he comes up with no explanation for the WEF actions. And then, when he thinks of what a normal Democrat voter would do, he also comes up empty- handed.

What we are talking about with the “elite agenda” of the WEF and the “globalists” is sadism. That is what defines this agenda. The people running things in the West have a desire to hurt people on purpose.

None of the explanations for this make very much sense. We hear that the elite have “the woke mind virus,” and actually believe in global warming and feminism and whatever else. It’s clear that some of the speakers at a WEF event, or some other globalist body do have genuine beliefs in these ideas, but it seems unlikely that the true elites themselves do. After all, as the conservative media will constantly inform you, they all fly to these events on private jets, and they all eat fine steak, while claiming that the peasants shouldn’t be allowed to fly commercial or eat low grade ground beef from industrially raised cattle.

Further, the conservative media, which does not “name the Jew,” will often go into the fact that global warming is a hoax, and that these people don’t actually believe in these things, and they only promote them for the sake of control (it’s very obvious that this is true). And again, they want to use that control for sadistic purposes: to degrade, dispossess, humiliate, and ultimately even kill normal people.

There is only one context in which this makes sense, and that is the Jewish context. When you look at the Jews, you find a group of people who are fundamentally sadistic, and have been for a very long time. Ultimately, you go back to the both historically real and meaningfully symbolic defining event of Jewish history, which is the murder of Jesus Christ. This was a sadistic act of evil, and it is only logical that the same people who would kill God would also be going around doing nasty things from that point onward. After all, these people define their identity by that most despicable of all murders.

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