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Title: The Final Battles of World War II | Countdown to Surrender The Last 100 Days | Ep. 2
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Published: Jan 5, 2024
Author: criminals and crime fighters
Post Date: 2024-01-31 19:42:40 by BTP Holdings
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March 6, 1945: During World War II, Cologne falls to the Allies, marking the capture of the first major German city. US troops secure the intact Rhine bridge in Remagen. Stalin orders immediate planning for Berlin's conquest, emphasizing its avoidance by his allies. Goebbels attempts to boost German morale through fear-inducing newsreels. Hitler, refusing to leave the Reich Chancellery, orders executions and destruction in contested areas. British and American forces successfully plan the Rhine crossing, a decisive moment in the Western front. Simultaneously, the Red Army captures Posen and Königsberg, eyeing Berlin as the next target.

Poster Comment:

Patton's tanks were east of the Elbe River when the war ended. They were forced to withdraw because of the 1943 Tehran Accords.

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