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Title: Biden plots to deepen the deep state in a bid to 'thwart' a victorious Trump's capacity to govern -report
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Published: Feb 17, 2024
Author: Monica Showalter
Post Date: 2024-02-17 16:58:44 by Ada
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Peaceful transition of power?

Not on your life with the scheming leftists Bidenites currently entrenched in the White House.

According to Fox News, citing a report from the Associated Press, they are busy as beavers these days, 'bracing' for a second President Trump term, and preparing to 'thwart' his capacity to govern.

The Associated Press report reads:

A collection of activists, advocates and legal experts is promoting new federal rules to limit presidential power while urging Biden’s White House to do more to protect his accomplishments and limit Trump in a possible second term. All of that is happening with far less fanfare than plans by Trump supporters to create a conservative government-in-waiting via an effort known as “Project 2025.”

The Office of Personnel Management, the federal government’s chief human resources agency, proposed a rule against reclassifying tens of thousands of workers so they can be more easily fired. According to spokesperson Viet Tran, the office will finalize the rule in April. That means that a future administration would likely have to spend months — or even years — unwinding it if they want to try to do so.

Which is frankly shocking.

Obviously, what the voters want is unimportant. That they elect Trump to clean out this establishment of partisan plotters is of no conscience- twinging importance to them at all as they plot to ensure their permanent power, because in their minds, they have a "divine right" to rule.

"Activists, advocates, legal experts"? This sounds like the same bunch that created the "shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election," in the famous 2021 Time magazine piece by Molly Ball. They did succeed in rigging the election against Trump -- and the voters -- at least once.

So now they are active again, and they do what they do, working to make the transition from one party to another as hellish as possible, working out ways to tie Trump's hands, impede his ability to govern, and if the American people who voted for him lose out, not their problem.

So much for civil society. So much for the comity of democracy. This is warfare and they've fired the first shots.

It's very disturbing that they are attempting to tie Trump's hands here should he win the election, which they seem to be banking on, and thus, are determined that he is forced to lead a bureaucracy that has no loyalty to him whatsoever, and zero professionalism, too. We all know how they plotted, connived, lied and deceived in his previous term.

The layoffs prevention measure is probably significant in that we have an example before us of what happens when a government lays off thousands of useless and mischief-making bureaucrats, in the presidency of Javier Milei of Argentina. Milei acted swiftly to lay off one third of Argentina's worthless bureaucrats and now his government has posted its first surplus in memory. His country's economy is recovering, his people are happy, his political support remains high, and his success is a model for other nations now about how to fix a wokester-wrecked economy.

The U.S. wokesters, won't accept that they are servants of the people and serve at the voters' pleasure. They demand an arrangement to keep them in power forever, and will make Trump's life hell should he return to power on a popular wave in 2024.

What Biden gets out of this is not entirely apparent, but obviously, a loyal government bureaucracy in his post-presidency could come in pretty handy with regards to the Biden Family Business, in opportunities to be had, in favorable regulatory rulings, and in staying out of the crosshairs of the law as they carry on what they carry on to build their family fortune and continue their political influence.

It could be that Biden owes favors to the deep state and this is his way of paying them back with interest. It could be that Barack Obama is pulling the strings here, paving his way for some kind of return to power, even if by proxy.

Trump and his camp should make this sneaky move to extend bureaucrat power as public as possible so as to give voters yet another reason to vote for him and vote for a GOP Congress to work with. We all know how sleazy and unprofessional and politicized these supposed servants of the people are. They have failed at impartial professionalism and by this alone need to be thrown out on their ears.

One can only hope that the Trump team finds a way to surprise them.

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