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Title: 'Squad' Leftist Rashida Tlaib Turns Against Biden for Dem Primary - Now He Has a Choice to Make
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Published: Feb 19, 2024
Author: Joe Saunders
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'Squad' Leftist Rashida Tlaib Turns Against Biden for Dem Primary - Now He Has a Choice to Make

By Joe Saunders

February 19, 2024 at 1:05pm

The Democratic primary process is set up to give President Joe Biden the nomination without even a fight, but Rep. Rashida Tlaib is posing a test.

The far-left “squad” member, whose district includes areas of Michigan with dense Muslim populations, took to social media over the weekend to urge her constituents to turn out for the Democratic primary — and turn against Biden.

And how that turns out could affect the course of the Biden presidency.

According to Newsweek, the video was shot outside the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn (a town dubbed “America’s Jihad Capital” by a recent, revealing Wall Street Journal column).

Tlaib talked up opposition to Israel’s war of self-preservation and against the murdering terrorists of Hamas (Rep. Tlaib is firmly on the murdering terrorists’ side) and advised viewers “to not only march against the genocide, not only make sure that we’re calling our members of Congress and local electeds and passing city resolutions, all throughout our country.”

But that’s not all.

“It is also important to create a voting bloc, something that is a bullhorn to say, ‘enough is enough,'” she said.

“Right now, we feel completely neglected and just unseen by our government. If you want us to be louder, then come here and vote ‘uncommitted.'”

Those two words, “vote uncommitted” are going to echo through American politics for at least the next week. Early voting in the presidential primary started Feb. 17. The primary election is Feb 27.

Now that New Age guru Marianne Williamson has suspended her token campaign, Biden has only one more token opponent in the primary race — Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips. But Tlaib’s endorsement of an “uncommitted” protest could shake things up considerably.

There’s no question Biden is going to win the primary election in Michigan. But the general election is a different story. Michigan is one of the swing states that are going to decide whether Biden or his Republican opponent — former President Donald Trump barring something extraordinary happening — is inaugurated next January.

If a substantial, organized anti-Biden vote actually materializes in counting after the Feb. 27 primary, it could bode very poorly for Biden’s chances in the state in November — which could mean trouble overall. And Democrats know it — judging by the social media reaction from users whose accounts betray a definite leftist bent.

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Ahmadinejad of Iran said, "The Israeli regime is illegitimate and needs to be erased from the face of time." "

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