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Published: Feb 22, 2024
Author: Staff
Post Date: 2024-02-24 19:16:55 by BTP Holdings
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Remember when transgenders were a tiny minority in the United States and they wanted nothing more than the freedom to use the bathroom of their choice? You know, to ensure their safety.

I have not found any instances of transgenders being attacked in men’s restrooms. However, I did find this case where a male dressed as a female was beaten for using the women’s bathroom instead of the boys’. I wrote about 12 cases where transgender people attacked children in bathrooms.

Bruce Springsteen canceled an event in North Carolina in 2016 because the state insisted that all men, including those wearing heels, use the male restroom. How times have changed?

Trans crews have gone from “just wanting to use the bathroom” to dominating sports for women, violent assaults, and mass shootings. The media ignores this.

You can lose your children if you don’t bend down to the trans-madness, and this is not just in Marxist countries.

Mary and Jeremy Cox’s son suffered from mental issues, which included an eating disorder. He told his Catholic parents at one point that he thought he was a woman. The Coxes took their son to see a therapist and were accused of abuse. The state investigated and found that there was no reason to suspect the abuse of their son.

It didn’t matter. Indiana took their son away because the Coxes did not use the boy’s preferred pronouns. He was moved to a foster family that was willing and able to pretend to be a girl to amuse the boy.

Transgenderism among teens is not a new phenomenon, according to studies. The recent surge of trans teens is also due to peer pressure.

A court in Indiana also ruled that the Coxes were only allowed to spend limited time with their son, and went as far as to warn them not to talk about religion or sexuality.

Did you know? Indiana has been voting for Republican candidates in presidential elections since 1976, except for 2008.

Their fight continues, even though the Coxes’ son is no longer in foster care. They have appealed to the Supreme Court in hopes that no other parents lose their mentally ill children to Marxists who are trans- hungry and eager to take them away from their parents.

The Coxes said, “We love our child and wanted to take care of him. But the state of Indiana denied us that opportunity when it removed him from our home. And then forbade us to speak to him about his gender.”

The Coxes weren’t the only parents to lose a child to transmania.

Todd Kolstad, his wife Krista, and the girl they call Jennifer for privacy purposes, Todd’s daughter, aged 15, was taken by Montana because the couple refused to let her undergo gender transformation. This was due to their strong religious beliefs.

Jennifer informed school officials she tried to commit suicide by ingesting toilet bowl cleaner and painkillers. Child Protective Services visited the home of Jennifer’s family despite medical tests showing no signs of toxins. Jennifer stayed in a hospital for a few days. The healthcare workers discovered that Jennifer had “identified” herself as a boy, and began calling her “Leo.” Parents objected.

Krista Kostad, a reporter at Reduxx, said: “We made it very clear to both the CFS and emergency room staff that this was against our morals, values, and religious beliefs.” The hospital, she said, was undermining the parental authority of her and her spouse. Krista says the hospital instructed them to “call the lawyer if there is an issue, as they will do whatever the patient tells us.”

Jennifer was placed on suicide watch 24/7 because she was deemed a suicide threat. An aide was posted outside her front door. Krista says she heard the aide discuss “top surgery” (a tummy tuck) with Jennifer.

Krista told Reduxx Jennifer was a woman with a mental illness and that she wanted attention.

CPS and the Kolstads both agreed that Jennifer needed mental healthcare help. They agreed to send Jennifer to one of Montana’s six residential care facilities. The hospital official also mentioned one in Wyoming, but the Kolstads refused to go there because Wyoming allows children to undergo gender reassignment with no parental consent.

Jennifer Kolstad was told that she was the next person in line to get a bed in a facility located in Billings Montana. However, hours later, they learned that Jennifer was moving to Wyoming. CPS and the police arrived ten minutes later. Jennifer was taken.

CPS informed the Kolstads they would be taking Jennifer away from them, allegedly because they “were unable or refused to provide medical treatment.” The Kolstads were not allowed to contact Jennifer directly. Gov. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.)

Jennifer was sent to a Montana group home where she was to stay for 6 to 9 months. On Jan. 19, 2024, a court granted CPS custody. The judge told the Kolstads not to discuss their case in the media.

The woman and her partner blindly accepted the fact that their daughter was a male because “they were terrified of being called bigots.”

CPS decided to send Jennifer back to Canada to live with her birthmother, who had abandoned Todd, Jennifer, and her siblings many years before. Jennifer and her siblings claim that Christine has a violent history with her children.

Did you know? Since 1976, Montana has only voted for Republican candidates in presidential elections except in 1992.

The Kolstads continue to fight against the state to bring Jennifer back. A contempt of court accusation is also hanging over their head for talking to the media.

What have we learned so far?

Indiana and Montana – both red states that considered safe – have caved into the trans lunacy, and taken their children away from their religious parents. Indiana prohibited the Coxes from discussing religion or “gender” issues with their son. Montana would not let the Kolstads talk to their daughter without a CPS official.

Both children have had mental health issues in the past. Jennifer is said to have a severe thirst for attention. But none of this mattered.

It is the perfect time to remind yourself of the 45 communist goals, especially #8: “Put homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity forward as “normal, healthy, and natural.”

San Francisco Judge with her own “transgender child” stripped a father of custody of his child for doubting that his son was a girl. This kind of nonsense is expected from California, a state that prides itself on being “progressive”. But to see this happen in “safely Republican states” is disturbing.

Even conservative states are willing to take away your child if you refuse to bend the knee and accept transgender Marxism.

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I am not a girlie man, you are a girlie man.

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Then there was this chick leaning against the pillar upstairs. Dokken picked up her top and signed across her chest right above her hooters.

Later we were walking down the stairs together. Dokken turns to me and said, "you know what her boyfriend said to me? He said, "Go ahead, man, She's good."

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I replied, "I would go and get my Don Dokken mask."

We got them all on the bus and the driver closed the door. Dokken came up front and had the driver open the door. He came off the bus and shook my hand and thanked me personally.

The last thing he said was, "Get some sleep."

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