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Title: Tough on the VICTIMS of crime: St Louis Democrat mayor blames convenience store owners for crimes that happen on their property
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Published: Mar 30, 2024
Author: Mike Rivero
Post Date: 2024-03-30 09:15:05 by Horse
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St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones has announced new plans to make convenience store owners more responsible for the crimes committed on or outside their property.

Mayor Jones, St Louis' the first black female mayor, told leaders at the the Black Mayors' Coalition on Crime in Memphis that St Louis needs to combat violent crime and theft around convenience stores.

'We have a lot of violence around convenience stores and gas stations,' Mayor Jones said on Thursday.

'So how can we hold those business owners accountable and also bring down crime?' she asked.

Adding: 'Some of the things we're already doing, we're finding that other mayors are doing as well.'

Jones, who has been mayor since 2021, told the other Mayor's ideas, the details of which are not yet clear, will be adopted from laws in Atlanta, Georgia that make nightclub owners more liable for crimes on or near their property.

Poster Comment:

She could pass a law making it illegal for Black men under 40 to be within 100 feet of a convenience store

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#1. To: Horse (#0)

The owners and people that work in these stores should start packing and to hell with law, start shooting the animals and it will stop

Darkwing  posted on  2024-03-30   11:57:37 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

#2. To: Horse (#0)

St. Louis is not Detroit. ;)

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one." Edmund Burke

BTP Holdings  posted on  2024-03-30   16:28:33 ET  Reply   Trace   Private Reply  

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